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  1. The cute Teddy dog ​​is also very meticulous. It has a certain view of the choice of toys, so when the owner chooses toys for the teddy dog, it is best to consider the psychology of the teddy dog ​​so that the owners can choose a Teddy dog ​​to meet one in line with a compliance Its toys. So what kind of toys are the most suitable for Teddy dogs to play? In fact, it is not difficult to choose toys for Teddy dogs. First, it is necessary to take into account the size of the teddy dog, choose the size of the toys according to the shape of the teddy dog, and the other is to see the safety of the toy. Finally, the Teddy dog ​​likes it. EssencenTeddy dogs often use some destructive behaviors to reduce their troubles, loneliness, and restraint the pressure to them. To reduce their damage to sofas, shoes, books, and other things, you can put some toys for them.nFirst of all, you must choose a suitable toy with a suitable size, and the right size toys can just consume the vigorous energy of the dog. As the Teddy dog ​​grows up, toys should be eliminated when they were young. For example, a small rubber ball will be swallowed by the growing teddy dog. Cause danger. In addition, if the toys are torn, they should be thrown away in time to prevent them from swallowing.nThere are many types of toys, with different characteristics. Therefore, before buying, you must first understand the bite habit of pets. If your teddy dog ​​is strong and bite, you must choose some hard rubber and some biting and wear -resistant toys for them. If the teddy dog ​​does not have a strong aggressiveness and will not tear things into pieces, then you can choose some canvas or some wool toys. These toys are soft. It is not easy to be bitten and easy to clean.nNo aggressive pet dogs can choose some rubber toys, such as latex toys. The color of these toys is bright, and it will make a sound, making Teddy feel very interesting. In addition, if Teddy dogs are dragging things around, they can choose to give light wool toys.nFor Teddy dogs who like to drag things, they can choose rope toys for them. This kind of not soft and hard rope is good for their teeth health.nWhen you just buy a toy for the Teddy dog, you have to observe its response to the new toy. If you are bitten or destroyed soon, you should throw away a more strong toy. Teddy dogs like to have a variety of toys, prepare four or five toys for it, and often replace them for them, which will make them feel fresh and irritating. If it has a very favorite toy, then it is best not to replace it.nThe owner’s choice of the teddy dog’s price to the right toys can help the owners solve great troubles. At least, during the Teddy dog’s teeth change, the owners don’t have to worry about the teddy dog ​​bite at home. The Teddy dog’s toy can be solved well. When the teddy dog ​​feels very itchy when changing his teeth, you can bite your toy, so the owners’ things will not Go to patronize.

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