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  1. What dogs are suitable for office workers
    What dogs are suitable for office workers' home support. Pets are very common in our lives. They are dogs, and most people will like it. Of course There are also many varieties. Different varieties of breeding methods are different. What dogs are suitable for office workers.
    What dogs are suitable for office workers' family care 1. Corgi dogs

    It is actually a lot of dogs suitable for office workers. The first introduce is a Corgi dog, as a small dog The personality is stable and brave. In the past, it was also used as a guardian dog, so overall, this dog's personality is more resistant to loneliness. Even if you stay at home, it will not cause damage everywhere. Especially for some friends who are busy at work or in the early nine to five, this is also a good choice. It does not require too much companionship. Occasionally, you can play with it very happy.
    2. The Sherry dog ​​

    The second introduction is the Snowrine. This dog is also known as the dog of the apartment. This is a kind of The ancient dog breed also exists as a guard dog. There are many advantages of this dog. The most important thing is that it will not lose hair. This is a very advantageous advantage for many friends who do not have time to take care of the dog. The place. And this dog's alertness is very high. For single friends, it is not only a good partner, but also a good bodyguard. Friends who often go to work can consider it.
    3. Golden Retriever

    The third introduction is golden retriever. Speaking of golden retriever, I believe everyone is familiar with it. It is also called a warm man in the dog industry. It is very smart and has a very docile personality. It is a very suitable existence of a partner dog. The advantage of this dog is that it will not be screaming, it will not affect its normal rest, and it will not cause disturbance to the neighbors, and usually can treat it obediently, waiting quietly at home for the return of the owner, and then No matter how enthusiastic it is, it is very warm to you.
    The above is the introduction of three dogs that are suitable for office workers. Which one do you prefer? In fact, when we are so busy at work, we still hope that when there is a dog back home, we can give us enthusiastic greetings when we come back. If we want to raise a dog, consider one of the above.
    What dogs are suitable for office workers to raise 2 Baggi hounds
    Baggidu hounds do not need too much exercise to consume their physical strength, and they are very happy to welcome their owners home at home, especially other other, especially other other, especially other other, especially other other, especially other other, especially other. The medium -sized dog chassis is very low, and it is also suitable for breeding in urban apartments.
    If you want a small dog, then Chihuahua is a very good choice, they can accept at home alone during the day, but parents need to pay attention to it. Usually not good -tempered, so in order to avoid aggressiveness in strange environments and strange similar kinds, it is best to take it out to interact with other similar types.

    French bullfighting dogs
    French bullfighting dogs do not like to call very much, and they eat and eat every day. They are easy to satisfy dogs.
    liti dogs are large dogs. They also love family life, and they usually like to stay on the soft sofa. And the personality is very docile. Sometimes it is lazy to sleep for a day. Recently, the dog field in Macau is also conducting Lingsi activities. For details, please see the announcement of their official website.
    Malzis dogs
    This dog usually likes to stay on the sofa, and then keep waiting for his owner to go home.
    What dogs are suitable for office workers to raise 3 office workers to raise dogs?
    1. First of all, buy a dog. It is best to buy a dog in the office worker. Buy dogs in their hands, because the dog's puppy may have grown up complicated and cannot guarantee the health of the dog. As for what type of `dogs to choose, then according to the preferences of each person. It is best to buy it for more than 3 months. If you finish the vaccine, you can walk directly. This will not be too difficult to take care of, and it can avoid many unnecessary troubles.
    2. Dogs have just arrived in a new environment. Pet dogs may be screaming because of uneasiness, especially when they go to bed at night. You should prepare a warm and comfortable nest or cushion for it, put it on it with soft old clothes, and place the nest on the place where you (such as the bedside, the bedroom wall) at any time, which can reduce its fear sense. If it is still howling, don't howling, you can turn on the light to comfort. It will naturally be quiet a few days later.
    3. From the consideration of hygiene and nutrition, it is recommended to feed the full price of pets. At the same time, in order to strengthen nutrition, you can feed some pet special nutrition products, supplement some calcium, vitamins, trace elements and vitamins, and promote the growth and prevention. Food.
    4. Pay attention to the good habit of training dogs to urinate at the point. After developing habits, it is easy to clean and disinfect, reduce the odor and bacterial reproduction.
    5. In office workers, when raising dogs, the biggest problem is feeding. Prepare dog breakfast before work. Let it follow your footsteps and eat a meal. Don't forget to prepare enough food, water and toys before going to work, and stroke its head when you say goodbye.

    6. Usually you need to pay more attention to the mental state of the dog. The dogs of the normal state are very cheerful in front of the owner; Pet hospital examination.
    7:30 Prepare breakfast. Let it follow your footsteps and eat a meal.
    8:00 goes out to work. Do n’t forget to prepare enough food, water and toys (available time -fed feeders) before leaving.
    9: 00-17: 00 work hours. Think about what it is when you are free?
    18:00: Return to home on time. Of course, after a hard work, I have to embrace each other for a while, and then have dinner with my favorite pet (PS: You eat your rice, it eats its food )
    19:00: Take your favorite pet and slip, at least one hour. After dinner, I took my favorite to walk outside and walk around, soothe the pressure after a day of tension, I believe that you will be very comfortable and comfortable.
    20-23: 00: Whether you are watching TV or playing a computer, don't forget its existence. It will be very happy to take a little time to play with it.
    23:00 End the day's event and enter the dreamland. Remember to let your pets go back to the house and go to bed. The current pet dog is not a housekeeping dog in the countryside, you have to work at night!
    In the happiness of all dogs and dog dads and their own pet baby ~

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