1 thought on “What kind of dogs do office workers are the most worry -free?”

  1. The most worry -free dogs in office workers are as follows:
    1, Sherina
    The dogs are very large, there are more muscles on it, and the skeleton is relatively strong. But its IQ is particularly high, it can remember the owner's voice, and it is relatively loyal. It is also brave in the face of danger, so if it is at home, the owner can rest assured to go to work.
    2, Baggi Dog
    This dogs have a very good advantage: the activity is very low. It is very suitable for staying at home alone. Baggi will not be dismantled at home alone, will not run random, and will not eat random. Because the activity is not high, once no one will accompany it, Baggore will only sleep obediently waiting for you to come back, which is very suitable.
    3, Chihuahua dog
    Chihuahua belongs to small dogs, and the weight is relatively small. During the day, the owner is going to go to work. It is very good to raise a Chihuahua. It is not noisy at home, and it will not scream because of your outs. After watching you go out, you will go back to Xiaowo, lick your hair, and take a walk in the room. It won't be chaotic at home.
    4, French bullfighting dog
    The liveliness of French bullfighting dogs is very high, but physical strength is not good. Therefore, the daily office workers take them out a little freely in their spare time, and they are naturally sleepy to sleep when they return home. Because the bridge of Fadou is relatively short, the heat dissipation is not good, and it is easy to be physically weak. After walking, you can go to work with peace of mind. Back at home, French Dou is definitely sleeping!
    5, Corgi
    The dog is very cute, and the buttocks are relatively large. Although it is small, it is very robust, so don't look at it small, it is very courageous. Moreover, Corgi is very clean, so you don't need to take a bath often, once a month, Corgi is brave. You can watch your home very well, as long as you get home to accompany it to take a walk.
    6, Big dog
    is the smallest in the hound. They both have the intelligence and love and tame of small dogs. The most important thing is that the amount of exercise they need is not large. Although they need to go out for walks and activities every day, they will not exhaust their owners. However, they also have disadvantages, that is, it is easy to lose hair, the sound is bright, and the taste of not bathing will be strong.

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