How to make clothes for dogs?

How to make clothes for dogs? Simple, easy to wear, comfortable, warm, what kind of material is best to use?

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  1. Pet flowers:
    On how to make clothes for dogs? My family is a Chihua baby. It is very small. It is a bit big to buy a pet shop, so I want to do it for myself, but I won't, who can help me? Try to be as specific as possible? Thank you first ~

    Oh, of course, it is best to knit sweaters, but not every girl will be, boys are even more difficult. I have a fool's method. Finding old clothes that do not wear, just use sleeves or pants legs, cut it down according to the length of the baby, it is tube -shaped, it is useless to cut into a cloth. , Cut four leg holes, the puppy dog ​​cuts one more hole. If you want a sleeve, you can cut a cloth and sew it into a thin tube. Winter clothing can choose the wool but it is easy to drop the head. It is best to make the fabric like a sports jacket. The clothes of spring and autumn are convenient. My dog's clothes are made of this, which is very convenient. Sometimes I bother to wash when wearing dirty, cut again, haha:

  2. I bought a little cotton jacket for my dog ​​in the pet shop before. After I came back to put it on it, I didn't like it very much. Then I woven the sweater to the dog I bought.

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