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  1. 1. Taking this as an example: the bust is 1.25 feet, the medium coarse wool is selected, the neckline is 80 stitches, and the bust is 110 stitches. (The number of needles can be adjusted appropriately according to the bust and neck surroundings of the baby dog.)
    2. After the collar length is weaved 1.5 inches, add 10 stitches and start to weave the body.
    3. A 25-30 needle is punished from the collar (the needle can be adjusted appropriately according to the size of the dog's bust). When weaving, add a needle at the top of the part and the rear needle, so that it looks neat and beautiful. Under normal circumstances, the sleeves start to divide the sleeves when weave around 1.7 inches. At this time, the total width should be slightly greater than the dog's bust.
    4. According to the thickness of the dog's front legs, the two cuffs leave about 10 stitches. In the middle of the two cuffs, there is also a need to leave a needle between the distance between the dog's front legs (usually 24-26 stitches), and then weave the front and rear slices.
    5. When the front and rear films are woven 0.8-1 inch, the needle is knitted. Generally, the body is woven to the back of the dog's hind legs and the back and forth, only the back and forth, only weave the back, and reduce the needle evenly on both sides of the post. When the rear piece is weaved 1 inch at the roots of the dog's tail, the two sides are raised on the same edge of the same film.
    6. Pick up the reserved cuffs, weave the sleeve, generally about 40 stitches, and the length depends on the long situation of the dog's legs for about 1 inch.
    7. The main body of the sweater is completed.
    8. You can sew the dog's name or other beautiful patterns according to your personal preference. The "love" brand of flower sweater carefully woven for the baby dog ​​has made great achievements.

  2. My dog's sweaters are woven by themselves. And long sleeves, that is, the four legs are also available. But it looks good. There are also hats. Just like the hat behind the child's clothes, it is very interesting . Walking on the road, everyone watched it. You woven from top to bottom, just look from the neck, woven the side, add needles, and leave the needle to the forearm. When the legs are up, pick the needle, and weave it as long as you want, but it depends on whether it is appropriate. You need to reduce the needle under the belly. When you reduce, weave a good -looking side. The tail is locked and do not block the tail. If the two legs are weaving, you can pick out the needle. That is to say After it is a straight side, then add a little needle jump out and then weave it. Do you not know if you say this, it is best to find a friend who can weave a sweater and understand it. If you haven't woven sweaters It sounds messy, I don't know what I mean. Let's say here I wish your dogs beautiful and beautiful.

  3. It is also possible to go to the pet shop to buy a small puffy clothes. Now it is only about 15 yuan. It is very beautiful. One is that one is not good, and the second is that the price is not low.

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