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  1. What dogs are good for office workers?
    What dogs in office workers are good at raising. They say that office workers are not suitable for raising dogs. Then there is exercise. After going home from work, go out and walk the dog to increase your own amount of exercise. Let ’s take a look at what dogs are raised and related information for office workers.
    What dogs are good for office workers 1, bull fights
    The bullfighting dogs I think are the most suitable for office workers to raise, because its exercise is not large, of course, you still have to walk. It is enough to leave, and this kind of dog is calm and barks, and it is quite suitable for apartments with relatively dense population.
    2. Corgi dogs
    . Corgi my colleagues will have one, which is also a dog with strong adaptability, and Corgi is also very independent. The dog will be lonely at home. The owner goes to work during the day. It can play very well by itself, but the dangerous items must be cleaned up. Essence

    3. Teddy
    teddy is a small dog. I see many girls like to raise them. I usually hold in my arms. A loyal dog breed, even if he is too busy to accompany it, it will find fun by itself.
    The important thing is that this dog has a small body taste, the price is not very expensive, and it is basically no hair loss. It can save a lot of things.
    4. Chihuahua
    Chihuahua is also a kind of puppy that can stay at home alone. It is small in size. As long as it is well trained, it is not easy to bark, and it is also very worry -free.
    5. Sherry
    Xuenari has always been recognized as the "apartment dog". It is dignified, smart and reliable, and is very suitable for office workers. The biggest benefit of this dog is that it does not lose hair loss. And the taste is very small, it is quite worrying for office workers.
    The five kinds of dogs are not large. They are very suitable for raising in the community. There is a warm little thing to accompany you. After returning home from get off work, I won't feel very lonely.
    What dogs are good for office workers? 2 01, Corgi dog
    Price: 1600-3000
    Life expectancy: 12-15 years
    advantage: friendly, brave and bold, not timid, not timid Non -Huzao
    It Suggestion: Corgi is not picky about food, but the stomach is not very good, so the pet owner needs to pay attention to the Corgi dog at all times to avoid hazardous foods
    02, Snow Dog
    Price: 1000-2200 (pet level)
    Life expectancy: 12 ~ 13 years
    advantage: independent personality and self-strongness, no need for pet owner too much
    suggestion: very possessiveness to the pet owner, very desire to possess, The pet owner who raises Corgi is not recommended to raise other pets. R n Price: 1500
    Life expectancy: 12-15 years
    advantage: cheerful, lively, enthusiastic, clean, quiet
    Suggestions: relatively large odor, it is recommended that the pet owner is regularly Clean the environment at home, and it is best to open the folds when taking a bath. Moreover, the Bagu dog should not exercise fiercely, otherwise it is easy to breathe difficulty

    04, golden retriever
    Price: 800-3000 yuan
    Life expectancy: 10-15 years
    advantages advantage : Live and loyalty, kindness and friendly, very good breeding, excellent working ability
    Igly: It is recommended to comb the hair every day, as well as greedy, it is recommended to control the amount of feeding and avoid indigestion. In addition, dog food must choose high -quality dog ​​food , Do not feed inferior dog food, otherwise the treatment cost of illness will be higher afterwards
    05, butterfly dog ​​
    Price: 1200-2300 (pet level)
    Life expectancy: 13 ~ 15 years
    advantage: Don’t lose hair, quiet and docile character
    Suggestions: The hair is long, you need to comb your hair every morning and evening; the bones are fragile. It is recommended to supplement calcium to avoid excessive exercise
    06, teddy dog ​​
    Price: 800-1500
    Life expectancy: 13-15 years
    advantages: lively personality, not foil, appreciate small
    suggestion: teddy dogs are common, it is recommended to feed some beautiful dogs usually Food, such as "not greasy dog ​​food", contains deep -sea fish oil and kelp powder, can help Mao Mao, usually take more sun, feed some fruits and vegetables, pay attention to nursing hair
    .5 Sherry
    Sherina is called a "apartment dog", which is very suitable for urban office workers. Their biggest feature is that they do not lose hair and have a small taste. Clean the hair from the dogs from work every day, and do not have to bear the dog's appreciation. It is often lazy to raise only Sherry, but its beard is more difficult to take care of it. The owner is best combed it for it every day to feed the dog food with deep sea fish oil every day. It is more convenient and simple to reason. Shiruri, are you sure you do n’t raise one?
    No.4 Corgi
    Corgi does not need to picky eaters, nor does it require too much space, short hair, easy to take care of, and the breeding cost is not high. In addition, Corgi is a relatively independent dog. If you are living alone and living at the nine nights, then the Corgi dog is very suitable for you. Moreover, Corgi also has a charming little fat buttocks. When you walk, you feel super funny when you see it, and you will make you laugh every day. However, Corgi will lose hair. Therefore, it is recommended to choose light and low -salt dog food in feeding. Do not feed randomly to avoid dogs from eating randomly and exacerbate its hair loss.
    NO.3 French bullfighting dog
    French bullfighting dogs, small activity, do not like barking. Although office workers are busy, they will not add a lot of trouble to office workers. Usually, just take French beef out. Walking around, activity, and short hair, it will not take a long time when it takes care, but it is recommended to pay attention to cleaning folds, squeeze the anal glands regularly, etc.

    o.2 Golden Retriever
    It golden retriever can be said to be one of the most common pet dogs, and the degree of popularity does not need to be popular again. Golden retriever's IQ is very high, her personality is docile, and the face value is particularly high. It is very enthusiastic and kind to people, which is very suitable for family breeding.
    The golden retriever is also disadvantaged. It is really not afraid of living at all. It seems that people all over the world are friends. It was difficult to say. If you are not at home, the pet owner can use a small snack chicken jerky into a bottle, so that the dog can be able to play for a long time.
    o.1 Chihuahua
    office workers, work during the day every day, and go home at night, but if you want a small size, Chihuahua is a good choice. The owner is also more assured. But Chihuahua loves barking very much. It is best to train well. When training, when the dog performs well, a small piece of snacks are rewarded, such as chicken dried, sheep cheese, etc. Barking will be more worry -free. Why not consider breeding a Chihuahua?
    not to say that office workers must not be suitable for raising dogs. Now there are many office workers raising dogs. If you do n’t know what to raise, you can refer to the above dog species, because the general personality is better and take care of it. Not too troublesome. However, if you want to raise specifically, it is recommended to choose according to your own situation and preferences.
    In addition, if you raise a dog, the first thing to ensure is whether the dog eats healthy, which directly depends on their physical health. Feeding dogs, we need to give dogs daily nutrition, so it is generally recommended to choose a healthy, balanced dog food for dogs. Too salty and greasy have a certain impact on the health of the dog, and it may also cause renal failure, so you must pay attention.

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