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  1. Tell you like this, many old Wuhan reflected that the dogs bought in the flower and bird market are easy to get sick and not easy to raise. It may be that the sick dogs were sold to you before JS, but it was used as a medicine. Dogs are good. Therefore, it is recommended to go to the pet shop directly to see if there are any sold, or buy

    next to the entrance of the original Hankoujiang Beach, but it has been relocated.

    1, Wuhan Flower Market Address: Yuanbaoshan, Xiongchu Street
    Featured: It belongs to the larger flower market in the urban area with an area of ​​about 30,000 square meters. Various flower bonsai is relatively complete, with the flower market at the door, and it can also meet the needs of wedding cars.
    If 529 ,56, 586, 590, 723, 738, 804, 811, 903 and other road public vapor to Chenjiawan Station

    2, embankment angle flower and bird pet world address: Hankou Fertile angle
    The characteristic: large scale and comprehensive, divided into five areas, including pets, pigeons, bonsai, flowers and antique craftsmanship, have large supporting facilities.
    In the light rail to the embankment station, or you can take the road buses of 211, 212, 509 to the embankment station

    3, Hongshan Road Flower Market Address: By Hongshan Square, Hongshan Road
    Features: Low scale, running flowers, pets, bonsai, etc.
    In road buses such as 709, 108, 522, 578, 411 to Hongshan Plaza

    4, Heping Park Flower Bird Market Address: Qingshan Heping Park n Features: Qingshan is larger The size of the flower market, running flowers, aquariums, etc., has high, middle and low -end. You can take 719, 502, 540, 555, 542 and other road public vapor to Qingshan Heping Avenue Babu Station

    5, iron machine flower and trees market address: Tiezi Village
    Featured Large, there are pot scenic spots, flowers and leaf -viewing plants, seedlings and strange stone areas, fish and insects and pet areas.
    In the road public vapor at 616, 215, 540, 811 to Tieji Road Station

    6. Following the Gate Flower Street

    Address: Hankou Jiefang Liberation Features of the Avenue Dafu Supermarket
    The characteristic: One of the main flowers trading venues in Hankou, in addition to flowers, there are many flower arrangement training points. You can take 64, 522, 524, 549, 703, 712, 716, 802 and other road bus to Xinhua Road

    7, stone bridge flower and bird market
    : Pets such as flowers and fish and insects
    In 805, 628, 568, 711 and other road public vapor to Yangye Lake

    8, ball street flower and bird market
    Address: Hankou Stadium Features of Lu Wuhan Sixth Middle School: run flowers, bonsai, pets, etc.
    In 712 ,05, 802 and other road bi -valls to the street street station, walk to

    9, Bayi Road Flower and Bird Market
    University main entrance)
    The characteristic: medium scale. The main business of flowers in the streets, with potted plants and pet shops. Pet Market
    Next to Tiantian Fishing Port under the Second Bridge of the Yangtze River in Hankou.
    The features: There are more flowers and small pets. You can take the 526 and 60 public vapor to Binjiang Garden.
    If 559, 61, 704, 720, 728, 554, 727, 524 and other road bi -v;

  2. Huquan Tianyi Pet Club sells sick dogs. The boss is two Anhui people. Everyone is careful. Many of them are dragged by his family. No matter where the address is written, it will be led to his house after you go nearby. It ’s not to mention the sale of the skewers. The key is that the dog is crowded together. The golden retriever sold to me is small and canine plague, and just died yesterday. But the boss refused to be responsible on the grounds that I signed his Tyrannosaurus dog selling dog clause (the illness found out after 24 hours). The small small is infected between animals. Dogs took home and did not contact any pets. They did n’t go out of the door, so they went from soft to sparse. On the fourth day, I went to the hospital for examination. And the boss will be very enthusiastic about you at first. Once you find that he sells sick dogs, he is a rogue phase and hangs up directly.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to solve the problem for you. I have seen your question. I am sorting out the answer. Please wait a minutenHello dear! I am very happy to solve the problem for you 武️ There are mainly the following places in Wuhan's pet market to refer to: 1. Wuhan Port Flower and Bird Market is located in the Jiang'an District of Wuhan City, and it is behind the river in Wuhan Port. It is the best and most convenient geographical location in the Wuhan market. 2. Wusheng Road Flower and Bird Market is located in Wuhan City, located between Wu Sheng Road Xinhua Bookstore and Taihe Plaza. Although Wusheng Road Flower and Bird Markets are less than Wuhan Port, there are most of the facades to the aquarium here, and there are more than 20 total. 3. The flower and bird market in the court road is near the river bank, near the city's No. 6 Middle School. It is also relatively large, but the position is relatively hidden. Flowers, birds, fish, insects, and antique calligraphy and paintings in the market are complete, but basically do not sell pet dogs. The Goldfish Street and Tropical Fish Street on the flower and bird market are separated by each other, and the number of facades is similar to Wusheng Road. 4. The Erqiao River Beach Flower and Bird Market is located next to the second bridge of the Yangtze River in the river bank. There are no more than 10 fish shops here. If you are not afraid of dogs, you can go to Amoy Fish. Playing dogs there is a large scale. 5. Xu Donghua Bird Market is located next to the Second Bridge of the Yangtze River in Wuchang District, on Xudong Road. The size of this market is not small, but it mainly sells antique. 6. Guiyuan Temple Flower and Bird Market, in fact, is called Hanyang Flower and Bird Market in Wuhan. The address is located next to Guiyuan Temple, Cuiwei Road, Hanyang District. It is one of the most important flower and bird market in Hanyang District

  4. Do not go to the pet shop next to the Xin Dadi Hotel at Wuyun Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan Wuchang District, now called Bayang Pet Shop to sell special week dogs

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