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  1. The more common shoulder -to -back traction rope
    The traction rope can be said to be a must -have item for dogs. Whether it is training dogs or taking dogs to take a walk. It's just that the traction rope seems simple, but you still need to pay attention to the way to use. Otherwise, improper use will make the dog feel uncomfortable, and even a long time will cause damage to the health of the dog, so we must also attract our attention in some details.
    The general traction rope can be divided into two types, one is the P -shaped chain, and the other is the traction rope directly tied to the back strap. Compared with the latter, and high security, it is a relatively common one now. As for the P -shaped chain, it is a traction rope directly on the dog's neck. In the game, the P -shaped chain is usually used to pull the dog, which is to make the dog's hair look more stretched. According to the size of the dog body, the thickness of the P -shaped chain is also different. The reason why it is called the P -shaped chain is because it looks like a P. When we are holding the dog, the section of the traction rope is worn on the dog's neck in a P -shaped. The place where the chain is out of the right ear, not above the neck. As long as we use force, the chain will be tightened, and the dog will walk with the owner's traction as soon as it is tight. When the rope is relaxed, the dog will naturally eliminate discomfort. However, it should be noted that in general, when we use the left hand to hold the dog, we can use a P -shaped method to put a leading rope for the dog. If you use your right hand to hold the dog, you usually use the Q -shaped method. Dai is reversed, otherwise the dog's neck may always be tightened.
    The grip of the traction rope also has a certain particular attention. First of all, the rope of the traction rope should be put on the thumb of the left hand, and then pressed the rope on the thumb with a small finger ring. Turn to the right, hold your palms down, pinch the traction rope with your thumb and index finger. Next, turn it back to the starting position so that the length of the traction rope is appropriate. The index finger and thumb are always pinched the rope, and the last five fingers can hold the traction rope. Of course, the requirements of this action are usually used during the game. The owner can be a bit naturally a bit natural, as long as the traction rope is just sever.

  2. How to use the traction rope:
    1 1. The neck circle should be tight and moderate. When you start using it, you can put your fingers but not unsolved without decomposition. For a period of time, the owner learns that you can relax your neck circle appropriately after controlling the behavior of the traction rope.
    . In the process of walking normally, the traction rope should be out of the dog's neck and slightly drooping, only to keep relaxing. In this way, when you encounter an emergency, the dogs are tightly trapped. Do not keep the rope in a tight state, because in this way, it is difficult for dogs to distinguish between dogs even if they need to tighten the rope.
    . Do not use a traction belt at home, only when walking. It is best to keep the dog's relaxing mentality on weekdays.

  3. 1. There is a short band in the middle of the chest -based traction rope. That should be vertical, which means that one facing the dog's head and the other side of the dog's chest; two other sides formed two sides formed two sides. Pour V -shaped, just put the dog's two front paws in.
    2. The tightness can be adjusted. Pay attention to the buttons next to it, just adjust it like the button on the schoolbag.
    3. It is more convenient to be tied to the outside, otherwise some clothes collar is relatively high, and it is easy to cause the dog to be uncomfortable.
    4. Sleeping at night must be taken down, the reason is like going to remove the tie to remove the truth.
    5. Never tie the dog like this in a fixed place. The dogs are easy to struggle, even if it is located in the cage, it is better.
    6. After the dog is larger (6 months), it is usually used to going to the toilet outdoors. Of course, there will be an irregular NNBB at home. This is normal. If you want to guide him to NNBB in the newspaper, you can operate this way: Every time he finds that he retreats back and opens back (of course, the movements of NN and BB are different. When BB, the hind legs will bow forward and bend the body. ) Just hold him to the newspaper. If he is NNBB, he strokes his back and praises him. Repeated for a long time can form fixed points.
    above is also some experiences that I have summarized more than half a year with LP raising dogs. I hope it will be useful to you!

  4. Just like people wear pants, put the dog's front legs in separate legs, remember that the buttons are buckled on the back of the dog, and the middle is placed between the dog's legs.

  5. Just put the dog's front leg like a person wearing pants, just put it in.
    Remember to adjust the buttons next to the side.
    If your dog is a pet dog, if you want to wear clothes in winter, tie the rope outside the clothes and the dogs will be uncomfortable.

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