5 thoughts on “Do you know what the dog rope is correct? Is it the key to training dogs correctly?”

  1. 1. The correct traction rope is the key to successful training dogs. For example, when the dog crosss the owner forward or in another direction, it will pull the rope at that moment, send out the signal that stops it, and then release the rope immediately. This series of actions is completed in a short period of time, so the correct way of pulling rope is extremely important. First of all, hold the twisted cable in the right hand tightly with the appropriate relaxation, hold the rope on the left waist with your left hand. The state of the rope should be slightly sagged from the dog collar and maintain a certain relaxation.
    . The owner should always pay attention to whether the dog's posture is correct and whether there is a rope. Otherwise, the purpose of training will not be achieved. One of the most common mistakes in training is to focus on making dogs in the right position, often tighten the rope, and almost do not release it. In this way, the dog's neck is often under pressure. When it is corrected to correct the dog, it is meaningless to pull the belt, and the dog cannot distinguish between the two.
    3. In addition, when training or going out, the dog must be on the left side of the owner, facing the same direction (if you are not used to the left side, you can switch to the right), but you cannot ignore the existence of the owner. Straighten the rope at will. Running forward makes the owner not attractive to the dog, and it is not trustworthy at all. If this is the case, training becomes necessary. The method is as follows: First, when the dog pulls the rope to a certain direction, it is forced to walk in the opposite direction. You can turn around or walk back and forth on the same road. In short, people are holding dogs.
    . Secondly, when the dog is ready to pull the rope forward -pay attention to the dog's appearance when pulling the rope. When this signs appear, pull the rope back and pull the dog's neck. At this moment, the strength and timing were very important. Suddenly pressing it on the dog's neck, and then loosened the rope. However, it must be noted that if the rope around the dog's neck is always tightened, the above training methods will not be effective.
    5. Remember, the correct traction method is that the owner has been dragging the dog. If you have a strong dog, use a spike collar with a spike. This is stronger and more painful than ordinary collar, but it is best to avoid. Usually, let your dog move freely at home. When walking, keep the rope loose.

  2. The traction rope is an important bond that facilitates correction when the pet dog is doing improper behavior during activities. Most of the traction ropes of pet dogs are mostly nylon materials, and there are several types. You can choose according to your needs and pets. When training or walking, the dog is on the left side of the owner, and in one direction. If you are not used to the left side, you can also replace it on the right, but you must not ignore the existence of the owner. Essence If this situation is training, it is very necessary. The method is as follows: First of all, when the dog pulls and the rope is walking in a certain direction, he immediately forcibly led it to the opposite direction:, you can turn around or go back and forth on the other road.

  3. When the law is holding a dog, people must drag the dog hard instead of being taken away by the dog. Only by using dog ropes can we better train the dog's behavior and prevent it from making trouble everywhere.

  4. The correct law of the dog rope is to have two steps from him to the left and right dog ropes, not the key to train dogs.

  5. When we give the dogs a dog rope, do not strangle dogs, and not too loose, let it walk on one side. When naughty, we need to tighten the dog rope to stop; key.

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