1 thought on “The dog bowed his waist and was unwilling to climb the building.”

  1. There are three types of dog bow waist
    1. Parasites in the body
    The parasites in dogs can cause symptoms such as dog bow back, malnutrition, thin body, etc. E of E petitioners, there are many medicinal people, and the effect is very good. However, it should be noted that this should be used by the Shanghai Gao Hye Hyebang Fei Arms. The one is 20 pounds. You may need to be divided into one point according to the weight of your dog after you buy it.
    2. Calcium deficiency
    It calcium deficiency can cause the dogs to stand unstable, walk wrestling, panting and shaking, etc. This is the symptoms caused by the dog deficiency of the dog.
    3. Spinal disease
    This need to go to the pet hospital for examination and diagnosis.

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