Help! The dog is not mentally unable to stand, and the old bow is old. I don’t know what symptoms, how should I treat and prevent it?

5 thoughts on “Help! The dog is not mentally unable to stand, and the old bow is old. I don’t know what symptoms, how should I treat and prevent it?”

  1. Dogs do n’t have the spirit of walking in the following situation: First, the dog has abdominal pain. Second, spinal neuritis can also cause dogs to walk and waist.

    The abdominal pain in the dog, mental appetite will decrease, unwilling to move, walking and waist, the cause of abdominal pain may be bad stomach, intestinal dish, or some infectious diseases, such as small enteritis type. It may also be caused by poor business, and malnutrition can lead to poor physical development, and the body is deformed. It may also be a sign of the early period of the lumbar disc herniation. When the disease is severe, the body may suddenly occur, the body is paralyzed, the urine incontinence, and the hind leg muscle atrophy and other symptoms. If a dog lacks specific nutrition, it will cause humpback. Humpback is a diseased disease. This is a mineral metabolic disorder. The essence is vitamin D deficiency or metabolic disorders. Reasons such as insufficient light, insufficient food nutrition, and poor digestive function of dogs often lead to indigestion, which affects the absorption of vitamin D. There is also a dog deficiency of calcium, which can also lead to poor joint skeletal development, which will not only lead to humpback, but also increase the risk of fractures and other joint diseases.

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  2. Dogs are not mentally uncomfortable. Generally, dogs will turn the intestines once in a few months, that is, there will be a problem with the stomach and intestines. If this period of time passes, it should grow up healthily. There will be no problems. Pay attention to diet, dogs cannot drink milk. It will make him indigestion. Take a look at the pet doctor in the area. Take it for the dog's healthy to accompany you, take it.

  3. Well, you ca n’t drink milk or take a walk two months after you arrive at home. Give it some dog food, it should be better!

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