1 thought on “How to sell pet dogs on Meituan”

  1. The application conditions are as follows.
    1. There are physical stores. Before settling in the Meituan platform, the physical store of a offline pet store is required;
    2 has business qualifications. In the process of applying for a store opening process, you need to provide a license license that comply with national laws. 3. Meituan itself does not charge, but it must be charged. When entering the station, you need to read the platform rules carefully and make it. If you do n’t understand, look at the platform treaty first, and then contact customer service. Be sure to figure out that you need to have a physical store before entering the Meituan merchants to settle in Meituan.
    4. Pay attention to applying for a business space schematic diagram, the owner's personal identity information, bank card information, etc., information upload, log in to the business background, enter the registration page, follow the prompts, and submit relevant information. 5. Waiting for the notice of registration or information modification notice

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