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  1. Raising dogs is definitely art. If you want a dog to have high obedience, you must choose a young dog when you support the puppy ~ It is best to be about March. Educating puppies like educating children. In the process of raising minor puppies, I always encounter such problems. We must learn to solve it. For example, what if the dog is too lively? What should I do if the dog is too excited?

    . The dog variety is very important
    The varieties must be studied before raising dogs. Some varieties are inherently excited. For example Essence In fact, Teddy is very easy to excite and like sticking people. For some office workers, they are not suitable for raising Teddy. This is the previous article. If you have raised a dog that is easy to excite, you can see the following steps.

    . Let the dog learn to obey commands
    The dogs are very good if the dog is well educated. For example, when the dog is extremely lively, we can use the NO command to stop it, or when the dog is extremely excited to obey the command at all, ignore it. Wait for it to calm down, and then train. Training must be: 1. Keep patience and can repeat the dogs repeatedly. 2. Do not force the dog.

    . Do not hit the dog casually
    This the most likely to make a dog in the process of raising dogs is to hit the dog. In the process of raising dogs, many acute masters saw that dogs repeatedly taught without changing, and they liked to fight dogs. You must know that dogs are also a creature that needs to be cleared. If you blindly fight puppies, it is easy to cause the dog's rebellious psychology. The bigger the more damage, it is difficult to manage.

    The dogs below must not be hit:

    1, newly supported dogs who have not yet established an emotional foundation. I will never get close to human beings.

    2, do not catch the current wrong dog, don't fight.

    . Playing more with pet dogs
    The dogs are too lively, which is likely to be caused by excess energy. Now that you have raised it, you must accompany him, otherwise the dog will be prone to depression and illness. Seeing fewer people, you will bark, destroying things, and too lively behavior.

    . So, for the health of the dog (physical and soul), you must accompany the pet dog and stick to the dog.

    . Do not give the dog for dogs
    The reasons for the excessive excitement of the dog, and diet is also an important reason. The editor here tells you that you must not give the dogs chocolate. The dog's dog once stole a pack of Oreo biscuits, and did not sleep all night, and was extremely excited (the dog could not eat chocolate). Therefore, do not eat dogs that dogs ca n’t eat, avoid harm to dogs.

    . Buy toys/grinding rods, decentralized dog attention
    If the dog is too lively, we can adopt the method of decentralized attention to buy some dog toys, Xiaobian gives ourselves to ourselves The dog's dog has bought a few toys. According to the individual's exclusive experience, the following secrets can be obtained:

    1. Don't give all the toys at one time to the dog, it is easy to get annoyed.

    2. Buy the teeth rod carefully. It is best to buy one first. Some dogs do not like the grinding rod.

    This Dogs are too lively, but too lively and excited will cause some trouble for the owner, understand the above knowledge, and treat it correctly. Pay attention to giving it sufficient nutritional needs. The best food for dogs is dog food. You can choose some high -quality natural dog food. My teddy also eats dog food. And with some vegetables and fruits. Try to take care of it and make it grow healthily and happily!

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