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  1. Husky (details introduction)
    This is a good thing for dogs, but if you are lively, it is "crazy". If a dog is always playing by himself, and completely treats the command of the owner as the wind on the ears, we must educate them well. What should the dog be too crazy, what can be improved this situation? This still requires the owner to train more to improve this problem.
    If you don't want to make your dog "crazy", then when the dog is young, you must manage it well. To put it simply, the owner needs to develop a good behavior habit through training, such as eating, sleeping, and excretion in a fixed place. In addition, let it learn how to interact with people stably, and train pet dogs to calmly face the environmental changes. When the dog is young, it is necessary to stop it in time, don't let it jump into bed or jump on the legs. Since childhood, they have to train them to follow, back and forth, title and so on.

    If found that the dog is too excited and persuade the situation that they will not come back, be sure to stop them loudly. If it listens to persuasion, then walk over and touch its head. If it still takes care of itself, it must give it a corresponding punishment to let it know not to listen to the end of the game.
    This dogs are not good, because sometimes it is difficult for the owner to control them. If they keep them, they will ignore the owner's orders in the future, and their self -awareness will become more and more strong.

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