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  1. White stalks in the west highland (detailed introduction)
    dehydration refers to the phenomenon of severe reduction of excessive fluid of the dog's cellular cells in the dog's body. Deserting seems not as dangerous as other diseases, but considering from the perspective of health is a very serious problem. If the dog has dehydration and does not treat it, it can seriously endanger the life of the dog.
    . The cause of the dog dehydration
    1. The feeding food is too salty or too spicy.
    . Dkato daily drinking water is dehydrated.
    . Dogs such as dilute, vomiting, fever, ulcers and other diseases can cause dehydration.
    4. Long -term strenuous exercise, exposed to the sun for a long time.
    . The symptoms of the dog dehydration
    1. The limbs are weak, and the skin is loosened. In severe cases, the eyes collapse or swelling. Dehydration caused by frequent diarrhea needs to be replenished as soon as possible.
    2. hair removal, poor spirit, darker hair color.
    . Dogs have decreased appetite or abolished.
    4. Dog's nose, foot pads, and dry skin.
    If you suspect that your dog is dehydrated, take him to the doctor immediately. Of course you can simply do a test. Gently pinch the skin of the dog's neck or shoulder position gently. If it quickly responds to the original state, the dog is not short of water. If the recovery is slow, the dog may have dehydration symptoms

    Yorkxia (detail introduction)
    . The treatment method of dog dehydration
    Death, so the replenishment is the main measure of the basics. It should be determined according to the degree of dehydration and the whole body of the dog to determine the ingredients and amount of the required added, and the general venous tonic 60 ml/kg of weight.
    Clene supplement: 5-40 ml of 25%glucose liquid, vitamin C2-10 ml, 5-20 ml of energy convergence, one slow intravenous drip, 1-2 times/day.
    5%sugar and salt 50-500 ml, vitamin C2-10 ml, trimer phosphate adenosine (ATP) injection, 0.5-2 ml, 5%bicarbonate natal 50-100 ml, and a slow intravenous injection of plain plain. , Two times/day.
    Oral replenishment method: When the dog does not eat, the heart rate is accelerated, if there is no vomiting, if you have appetite or desire, you can give oral salt salt, sodium chloride 3.5 grams of sodium carbide 2.5 grams, potassium chloride 1.5 grams of 1.5 grams 20 grams of glucose, 1,000 ml of water, drink freely or deep enema,
    otiblysis and anti -inflammatory: can be used for various types of broad -spectrum antibiotics, but do not use it for a long time to prevent the inflammation of the intestinal flora The restoration of digestive function, antivirus spiritual frozen dried powder and antitoxin No. 1 injection (production of Heilongjiang veterinary drug 1) has a good effect on this disease. Generally, dogs with less than 15 kg, intravenous dripping dry powder, 1 Ann/day day/day , 15 kg, 2 amp/day, at the same time applying No. 1 injection, 10-30 ml/day,
    0.3-2 ml
    The anti-shock: The symptoms of shock are obvious, which can be injected in the muscular Symone (fluoroneon) 5-15 mg, or 0.3-1 ml of the alkali injection of the alkali hydrochloride,
    Pay attention to the warmth of dogs, stop feeding milk eggs such as milk, high -fat feed, and give digestive feeds to improve the cure rate.
    . Measures to prevent dog dehydration
    1. Provide sufficient, clean drinking water, remember to change water frequently to ensure freshness. At the same time, don't forget to clean the dogs to drink water every day to prevent the formation of bacteria.
    2. Monitor your dog's drinking water. If you find that your pets drink less than usual, check his mouth ulcers or other foreign bodies, such as burrs.
    . Remember to bring a bottle of water when you exercise with contemporary dogs.
    4. Preventing diseases such as: dilute, vomiting, fever, etc.
    5. Avoid the dogs from exposed to the sun for a long time.

  2. That is the medicine that hurts the stomach, and it can no longer take that medicine. It is not necessary to treat it with the disease. The runny nose may be a cold and drink some Bantan. If you vomit, you can drink it with electricity Sima. The kind of children who are not expensive and useful will not be able to pull out if there is nothing. My original dog doctor said that it was rheumatism, and the Fenbi was given. Later, I vomited but no, and I vomited blood clots. I didn't see it when I stopped the medicine. Later, I went to the hospital to get an injection. The eyes can't be opened, it is allergic, enough to go to the hospital, I go home to treat it. I give him a morpholine. You have to ensure that his drinking water quality, and you can feed some rice pastes. I love to vomit, I can eat some batter, and I digesting things. At that time, I squeezed him the innermost with a needle tube. Oh, it was uncomfortable, and it was toss. If you caught a cold But don't be too hot, so as not to get angry, huh, you can get some glucose acid or squeeze out the glucose with a needle tube for him to drink. Can bring you comfort, healthy and lively growth

  3. 1,
    L leslantonofloxacin
    0.2%Static point 100ml
    2, 5%glucose 100 ml, VB6
    100 mg, VC1 g, ATP
    60 mg n60 mg

    200 mg. Note once a day.
    2, remember that glucose is necessary, go to the hospital to find veterinarians, don't call it to prescribe the medicine, it will collect money, according to the medicine above, eat some dry foods for dogs on time.
    This coke will be good ~~ It is full of confidence, small dehydration is fine! ~ I wish you a dog
    Early recovery

  4. Oops
    . What to do
    I have had a puppy like you
    The later
    is to give it a good thing

    44 Eat good things
    . Finally, I wish your baby soon
    ~. ~

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