4 thoughts on “What kind of dogs seem to be thick, but they are particularly heart -seeking?”

  1. Text/teasing cats
    The dog's IQ is relatively high in animals. They can learn a lot of instructions that human teachings, and they can also follow human commands and passwords. They can be our most loyal partner and do a lot of things for us. Today, after training, dogs have taken more and more work and become our most powerful helper. In addition to working attributes, many dogs have become pet dogs, entering our family, bringing us joy. Among the many pet dogs, these dogs are super clever. Can I often turn the shoveling officers. Is there a dog in your house?

    Biegers of the border
    A as the IQ among the dogs, the border pasta is very high, and it can even reach the intelligence level of children of six or seven years old. After training, you can complete a lot of instructions, and even independently lead the herds of hundreds of thousands of sheep. As shepherds, their working ability is very prominent. As pet dogs, their "business" ability is also good. Bian Mu not only knows how to please the host, but also knows how to observe the words, and always uses his intelligence and wisdom to turn the owner. Therefore, there is a classic paragraph on the Internet, saying that if the IQ is not high enough, do not raise border herds, afraid to be played by Bian Mu.
    Teddy dogs
    teddy dogs are the most raised pet dogs in my country. They are smart and smart, and they can always bring a lot of joy to shoveling officers. The teddy dog ​​is also a psychic bean. They are more than one than one, especially good at inspecting words. Whether you are in a good mood or a bad mood, they can always discover the first time, and then quickly study countermeasures. Therefore, the teddy dog ​​is also the most difficult dog, because they know how to look at their faces too much. They always use their cleverness to make shovel officers before shovel officers.
    Husky is the smartest dog? Everyone generally thinks that Husky is a stupid dog and always causes trouble to shoveling officers. But in fact, Husky is also very smart. Their IQ is not low, but the obedience is poor. They have their own ideas, so that they don't like to live according to the life arranged by the shovel officer. As a dog, you have your own ideas. Do you still say that it is stupid?
    Golden hair
    The golden retriever is friendly and gentle, and it is very suitable for breeding as pets. Golden retriever's IQ is also relatively high, especially good at dressing. The golden retriever was honest, and the look of the grievances with the eyes moved, even if they made a mistake, they would not be willing to punish them. Golden Mao can always avoid all kinds of scenes with its outstanding acting skills and inspections.

  2. Alaska's appearance is relatively thick, but they have their own opinions, and they often do something unexpected through a thick appearance.

  3. The dogs seem to be so thick, but they are particularly eye -catching: bull head stalks, Shiba Inu, Chihuahua, Sherry, Bomei, Akita dogs.

  4. Samoyed. This dog like Samoya looks like a smile angel, which is actually particularly heart -seeking, and sometimes it will make it intentional.

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