5 thoughts on “There is a coquettish Wang Xingren who has a bad appetite. What should I do?”

  1. You should give it some digestive foods, not too complicated. Because everyone is more attentive when raising pets, so many pets will have weaker living ability now, so many pets will be more likely to get sick. Many people will treat their pets as their relatives, and if pets are sick, they will be very anxious. However, because the breeding is not appropriate, the dogs at home are always easy to get sick, and the stomach is very bad.
    Is when feeding dogs, you must pay attention to feeding regularly and quantitatively. Do n’t think about it. If you ca n’t remember it, or feed too much food for the dog at one time. This is likely to cause a very large burden on the dog's gastrointestinal, which can easily lead to gastrointestinal diseases in the dog. Protect the dog's stomach and stomach, and it can also make the dog's life longer and can accompany you for a longer time, so everyone must pay attention to the dog's gastrointestinal problems.
    The should also pay attention not to eat some human foods for dogs. Many people see that the dogs will always share their meals to the dog when they see that the dogs are always next to the dining table. But in fact, this is very bad, because there are a lot of seasonings in the rice that humans eat, which will stimulate the dog's stomach, so it is easy to hurt the dog's stomach. Although dogs are meat animals, they also prefer to eat meat, but do not always give the dogs to eat some meat foods, and also give the dogs to eat some fresh fruits and vegetables, so that they can make the dog's body inside The nutrition is more abundant, and it can also make the dog's body more healthy.
    It can give dogs some foods that are good for the stomach, such as sweet potatoes, pumpkins and bananas. If you usually like dog food with dogs, you must also choose a dog food that is easier to digest. Because not all dog foods are suitable for dogs, each dog's physical condition is different, so the types of dog food they are suitable for are different.

  2. If the Wang Xingren in the family is more coquettish, a poor appetite and a bad stomach, then you can use three methods: probiotics, go to the hospital for examination, and change dog food. Dogs are like humans. If you don't digest well, eating some probiotics can also promote digestion, which may solve its problems. If the dog used to be normal, but now the appetite is worse, then it may be infected with some diseases, and you can go to a pet hospital for examination. Another possibility is that dog food that dogs are eating now may not be conducive to its digestion, so you can consider changing some dog food or eating other things.
    . Eating probiotics
    Dogs also have some special probiotics. After eating these probiotics, dogs can also promote its intestinal digestion. So before you try other methods, you can try to eat some probiotics for it, which is a relatively low -cost method. If it can have obvious effects after eating probiotics, then you can give it for a while, and it may make its intestine better.
    . Go to the hospital for examination
    . If you still have no effect after eating probiotics for a while, then you can also consider taking it to the pet hospital for examination. Because it is not digested well, it is likely to have germs in its intestine, or what kind of disease is infected. After the hospital was checked, if there is a timely treatment of the disease, this can also make your Wang Xingren become normal.
    . Change dog food
    In addition to Wang Xingren's own problems, it may also be that there is a problem with the dog food or other food it eats. You can try to change what it eats often, such as changing a brand of dog food or letting it eat some easy -to -digest foods. Some foods are indeed difficult to digest, such as enoki mushrooms.

    Meremate, remember to like follow forward.

  3. At this time, you can give it some probiotics. You can usually prepare some dog food with sufficient nutrition. Be careful not to give it some cold foods, or give it a lot of seasonings.

  4. Of course, it is necessary to regulate the stomach and intestines for Wang Xingren, let Wang Xingren eat some digestible dog food, or make Wang Xingren make some delicious nutritional foods to allow Wang Xingren to gradually enhance his physique.

  5. I think that for this kind of Wang Xingren, you can go to the hospital to see first, adjust the stomach and stomach, and let Wang Xingren eat more liquid food.

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