5 thoughts on “The dog is too naughty, what should I do?”

  1. My friend's house has a small second, and it is also a small ability to dismantle the family. From a young age, I like to stab the sofa and the sofa. Buy an Erha puppy toy, and I also follow the online school. First, use the toy to perform Erha ’s actions, and then use the shoe sole to pump and hit it. Do n’t say that this recruitment is really effective. More honest than before. Sometimes some practical little tricks can be used for reference!

  2. Dogs were born with lively small animals. If you have time every day, you can take it to the park, to play in a wide place, to release its nature. In the process of playing with it The rules are tired, the dogs are satisfied, and after a long time of training, the dog will become obedient!

  3. Dogs are too naughty because you are too favored and do not help it to establish good rules, so you must be patient now, help the dog work together, and correct bad problems.
    Dogs are like children. Some children are educated, some children are not good at educating, and they are patient. Just take it slowly.
    This can be educated, giving some rewards, and then touching your head, just encourage it.

  4. Kill chicken and monkey. You can get a dog -shaped toy, and then you make this dog -shaped toy mistakenly, just in front of the real dog, and then you hit the dog -shaped toy fiercely to let the real dog know to do something wrong. For the consequences, he won't do something wrong

  5. Be sure to educate and train more. You can see the dogs on the small videos of the people, so you can do whatever you do. This is inseparable from the long -term training of the dog owner. If you want to change your dog's habit, hurry up and train your dog!

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