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  1. Determine the flight time and cabin, apply for animal health and immune certification, animal quarantine certificate and transportation equipment disinfection certificate; take a pet and apply for three certificates to the animal health and epidemic prevention supervision institute on the day of departure After an hour and a half, you can go to the counter to handle the delivery procedures.

    three steps for consignment. The first step is to book. Pet owners must call the airline to book the cabin in advance, usually 24 hours in advance; the second step is to apply for a certificate. There are certificates of inspection and quarantine; the third step is to consignment. The owner needs to buy a special box. Cats and dog pets are consignment. It is best to have a tray and adsorb the fabric with strong adsorption. For small pet dogs and dog cubs that are not aggressive and weighing less than 10 kg, they can be transported alone in pet hard plastic boxes. For dog animals such as Tibetan Mastiff, Hound, Dog Dog, Cong Ye Dog, the size of the box has certain requirements

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