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  1. a lot of.
    (1) Foods for puppies: such as dog food and cans.
    (2) Milk powder for puppies: there are special puppies milk powder, or abandoned milk powder, which can be Nestle's Li Duo fine milk powder, but it is best to buy bags. If it is a large dog, you can buy it as a large dog. Barrel.
    (3) Egg yolk: The advantage of egg yolk is not only rich in protein, but also vitamin A, calcium and minerals that are easy to digest and absorb.
    (4) Meat: Although cows, pigs, chicken, etc. are excellent foods, when feeding puppies, it is necessary to choose parts without fat because fat is easy to deteriorate. But if you want to feed, do not feed raw meat
    The content of this article comes from: China Agricultural Publishing House "China Agricultural Development Report"

  2. Dogs are carnivorous animals. When feeding, they need to prepare more animal proteins in the feed to supplement their vegetarian ingredients to ensure the normal development and health of the dog. Dogs like to bite bones. This is also the habit left by biting prey in the original ecology. We often give it some bones while feeding.
    The advantages of egg yolk are not only rich in protein, but also vitamin A, calcium and minerals that are easy to digest and absorb. For puppies with poor constitution, consider adding additional vitamins and minerals, you can consider feeding 21 Jinwei him, as well as pets specialty for pets.
    Pucting data Chocolate can cause heart disease, coma and death. The purine content of cocoa -alkaline in chocolate is very high. They can damage the dog's kidneys, and the dog's degradation ability to purine is much lower than people. Chocolate also contain caffeine, which is also very harmful to the health of dogs. The more pure chocolate, the smaller the dog, the greater the chance of poisoning.
    This onion and green onions contain sulfide, which is harmless to people, but can cause the dog's red blood cell oxidation, which may cause hemolytic anemia and hematuria. Even through heating, it cannot destroy the harmful substances, so do not feed the dogs with foods with onions and green onions.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-Dog

  3. The milk powder of the baby 1 is used in 0 to 6 months to feed. It is best not to feed milk. There is lactose in milk, and dog lactose does not adapt to diarrhea.
    You can also eat.
    1, a nutritional balanced food
    each puppy has different needs for food, and this demand will change with age. Dogs are not completely carnivorous animals, they cannot survive with meat alone.
    It meat, as the source of protein and fat, cannot exceed half of the puppy recipe. The energy sources required by the remaining body should be composed of carbohydrates, such as dog foods -species. Also, if the nutritional balance of food
    , there is no need to supplement the excess vitamin for puppies.
    2. Your puppy requires a lot of nutrients in the healthy growth of puppy, and each puppy has its own requirements for nutritional intake. The following table is a reference form for the daily nutrition required by a puppy. If you are still not sure how to prepare nutritional food for your puppy that is growing, you can also ask veterinarians.
    3, feeding guide
    The guidelines for feeding are worthy of reference. If you feed the puppy in accordance with the following methods, your puppy will grow healthily. Should buy a good food food produced by a reputable dog food manufacturer. Should immediately throw away the canned dogs and non -dry food for each left. Finally, you should clean up the leftovers of the puppy every day.
    sm not feed the puppy with pointed chicken bones or fish bones. Do not make the cats to feed the puppy. The protein contained in cat food is too high. Do not feed puppies to spoil and rot. If your puppy has no food for 24 hours, you should take it to see the veterinarian.
    4. Share food
    Although some puppies raised in some families are willing to eat one by one, the owner should still prepare their own bowls for them.
    5, the temperature of the food
    When the puppy is feeding, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature of the food is a normal room temperature. Do not feed the puppy directly from the frozen food from the refrigerator, and do not immediately use the cooked food to feed the puppy immediately. The puppy's mouth is very sensitive to the temperature of the cold or overheated. If the food is too cold or too hot, it will cause damage to its mouth. If you are not sure when feeding the puppy, you can place food for a few minutes.

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