5 thoughts on “How to bring pets to the field?”

  1. Just handle pet consignment. Choose a plane or high -speed rail on the same class, you will arrive when you reach your pet. In order to ensure the safety of pets, you must make the following points in advance.
    1, buy pets for pets, and each of them wrapped one or two empty mineral water bottles around the boxes and tops. Avoid the staff from not paying attention and press it to your pet box with other goods.
    2, prepare a small amount of food and drinking water for pets, and put it in after arriving at the airport. This can ensure that its journey will not be hungry.
    3, go to the pet hospital to issue a pet's health certificate and the safety disinfection certificate of the air box.
    4, at least four hours in advance with the consignment center, go through the relevant procedures, avoid too tight time, and check for delay.

  2. Two methods.
    is a kind of driving to bring the pet directly by yourself. As long as you pay attention, there is no problem.
    The other way is that you can take the pets by the pet to consignment. At present, this is a very common check way. You can check the relevant consignment process online and do it. In addition, you don't need to worry about pet safety.

  3. I checked my golden hair and returned to my hometown.
    The choice is my random high -speed rail, and then prepared a very stable box for my pet, and went to the pet hospital to issue its health certificate. I went to handle the ticket that belonged to it early the next morning, and took it with a small bag in the afternoon. A glass of water was fixed to the cage, and it watched it in the car. In this way, we were together together. When I set off, I got the cuteness when I got it, and I was really happy.

  4. If you want to bring your pets to the field, only when you choose pets, many transportation companies are now prohibited from bringing pets.
    . Once I wanted to bring my dog ​​out of the country, I had reached the station, and I was stopped by the security check and said: I ca n’t take a pet to the car.
    In the uncle of the security inspection to me: You can choose pets to consign, and now there are many places that can be checked in pets.
    Water to go through these procedures and get in the car. When you arrive in the field, your pet has arrived, and the speed is particularly fast.

  5. In life, many friends like pets and raised only pets to become their family. If you want to go to the field, how do you take it away? Such a method has aircraft consignment. We took a plane, and the pet followed us.
    Of course, there is a car at home, which is naturally good. You can drive to your destination by yourself, with pets, and the trunk.

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