5 thoughts on “My bi -bear dog was killed by the German dog of the neighbor's house, what should I do”

  1. In this case, you should deal with the police. Create your affairs through uncle police. If you raise your own pets, you should also be legally adopted if you apply for a certificate. It is also protected by the corresponding property. The other party is a large dog. You should handle relevant documents and tie the dog rope. If not, the other party should bear some responsibility and compensate your losses. But if neither of you have a dog rope, the contradiction causes. The two parties have the responsibility to compensate according to the responsibility. If you can solve the best in private, if you ca n’t negotiate, you can mediate through regular channels.

  2. Then I would like to ask, whether the Bichon of your family is placed in the house, or it is said that it was taken away by German Mu next door and killed. If De Mu comes to your house to take it away, I can do him and he will accompany you. If your family is a bear at the door, there is no rope at the door. If the Mu Mu took away and killed it, I think this should be the responsibility of both parties. You should mediate it!

  3. If you have evidence, you can ask your neighbors to compensate you. If you do n’t talk well, you can take the judicial procedure. After all, your property is lost.

  4. It depends on your relationship with him, and the relationship is generally to let him compensate you as much as possible. The relationship is not good, in addition to the original price compensation, let him give you mental loss. If the relationship is good, you do n’t need to compensate, let him take care of his own dog, this time it is you.

  5. Dogs, pets are personal property of human beings, then neighbors should compensate your losses. You can report to the police and let JC open mediation. If you negotiate and negotiate, you will find a lawyer to fight a lawsuit. Your dog is bitten by the neighbor. You take photos, there are better videos, and there are monitoring cameras outside.

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