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  1. Article 44 of the "Domestic Transportation Rules of Chinese Civil Aviation Passenger Luggage" stipulates that small animals refer to small animals raised by families. Small animal transportation shall be handled in accordance with the following regulations: passengers must be proposed during a seat or ticket purchase, and the animal quarantine certificate must be provided. It can be checked after the carrier's consent. On the day of the opportunity, passengers should transport the small animals to the airport to check the check -in procedures.

    . You need to determine the flight time and cabin in advance

    The people must consult and book the cabin two days earlier to avoid pets from being unable to cannot Arrive at the same time with you or can't get on the plane. Because transporting pets must be equipped with an oxygen cargo cars, re -ordering in advance and arriving at the freight office 3 hours before taking off, mainly to ensure that your pet arrives with you on the same machine.

    . Pet air consignment process

    The first step: first: determine the flight time and cabin.

    Step 2: Animal health immunity. After your pet injection is injected with vaccines, you can obtain animal health immunization certificates;

    3: After the itinerary, bring pets and healthy immune certificates on the day or day before departure. The quarantine agency conducts a health check. After the inspection is completed, the quarantine can issue a certificate of exit animal quarantine qualifications, the disinfection of animal and animal and animal product carrying tools; And the above -mentioned three certificates to the local animal health prevention supervision institute received quarantine supervision and inspection. After the inspection is qualified, the epidemic prevention supervisor can be stamped with the official seal of epidemic prevention supervision on the quarantine certificate.

    The last step: bring pets, air boxes, and three certificates processed above, and go to the airline freight office to go through the pet consignment procedures.

    The indication:

    1. Certificate of quarantine: Go to the quarantine bureau or many pet shops can be handled, the cost is not much;

    2. Buy a air box: Usually you can buy a dedicated aviation box directly at the pet shop. Generally, tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. Pet suitcases such as urine are not wet. There are many sizes, you have to ask the size of the airlines in advance. Water bottles are hung in a suitcase. Pets lick the water pipe water with your tongue. Pet identity card, you can't buy it by yourself. Tag label: It is recommended to indicate in both Chinese and foreign texts.

  2. 1. The local temperature should not be lower at minus 12 degrees, which cannot be higher than 30 degrees (you can view the official website)
    2 .. Call the airline to apply for the airline 48 hours to apply for a five -day application for one day. Time and then book the ticket, keep the time in advance to prevent small animals in the state of pregnancy or childbirth in 48 hours. n5. Flat nose cats are prohibited from flying (Eastern Airlines lists all British short nose cats because I am a silver gradient, so it can be said that there is no one to watch!)
    6. Reservations for an aerobic warehouse need to be prepared. Be sure to call in advance to confirm it. Otherwise, some customer service staff will not tell you at one time that it is easy to delay the itinerary, so you must confirm it !! Small animals need to prepare what needs to prepare
    (1) Vaccine vaccination certificate ( At least 21 days before the quarantine certification of electricity) quarantine certificate (Shanghai's quarantine certificate is only valid for 5 days) small animal transportation application forms (necessary for China Eastern Airlines)
    (2) Airbox
    ( 3) Small animals like toys or clothes with their own smell
    (4) Ferlo Mon (preventing cats from reaction) is a spray that can stable cats about 100
    7. The rabies vaccine must be done 21 days before the quarantine certificate is required. If it is not done in advance, it cannot apply for a quarantine certificate. Certificate
    (3) Vaccine vaccination naming (be sure to vaccinate 21 days after vaccination !!)
    8. Take the cat to the airport at the airport 3 hours in advance. Will bring small animals to the over -the -Lial luggage consignment office waiting for the consignment
    10. How to extract pets, small animals, like luggage, extracted from the luggage turntable, will be released first, so you can quickly appease the mood of small animals.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer it for you. Pet consignment requires pet health proof of pets, disinfection certificates for air boxes, animal quarantine qualification certificates, animal transportation service application forms, pet air boxes, etc. These are all ready before checking. Do you remembernIn addition to the above necessary materials, we love our pets so much, so we must prepare enough water for our pets during the consignment process. If the distance is long, the food is also necessary. In addition, do not feed your pets too full before checking, preferably an empty stomach to prevent pet motion sickness. Pets are very hungry. As long as it is not too long, there will generally not be too much problems. In this way, our pets will not be sinned because of this, and we can rest assured.nPet consignment is generally compared with cars, trains, aircraft, and so on. These can be checked, but in terms of comfort and safety, it is recommended to choose trains and planes as much as possible.nAsk what materials and how to handle itnAnswer the immune certificate in a local pet hospital, and the quarantine certificate and disinfection certificate are processed in the animal quarantine institution of the local area.nAnimal quarantine requires: Dogs that need to be checked must complete the vaccine (open animal health immunization certificate) for one month, and the two certificates can be issued after quarantine without adverse reactions.nAsk the cat, what vaccine is it?nAnswer Cats need to inject Miao San or Cat Sanlian and rabies vaccine. Miansan Duo and Cat Sanlian are three types of infectious diseases that prevent cats. Rabies vaccine is used to prevent rabies' liver.n6 morenBleak

  4. When aviation consignment pets, you must first confirm whether the flight you are riding has an oxygen cabin, and then submit an animal consignment application. After submitting the application, wait for the feedback information of the airline customer service and inform the precautions. For preparations, we must first apply for the pet quarantine certificate, and then prepare a pet container for pet containers, that is, the aircraft box and aviation protection network that meets the specifications, and finally go to the airport to go through the corresponding procedures.

  5. According to the date you want to consign, choose a train with a luggage car.
    2. Go to apply for a pet immune certificate.
    3, prepare cages, trays, sufficient food and water for pets in advance.
    The on the day of consignment, the self -defending person carried train tickets, quarantine certificates, escorted ID cards for 3 hours in advance, and went to the train station bag to go through the procedures. The staff will focus on the travel of the pets who bet on pets and inform them of the precautions to ensure the safety of pet transportation.

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