5 thoughts on “What are the newborn puppies to eat?”

  1. The newborn puppy will be better to eat breast milk. If there is no breast milk, you can feed some goat milk powder without feeding the puppy, because the lactose in the milk is relatively high, and the puppy does not have enzymes that can digest lactose. There may be problems with puppy physical problems.
    It can prepare some Wangsan milk powder and warm water. Sheep milk powder is developed according to the needs of puppies. There are many camping ingredients, and lactose is relatively low. It is suitable for puppy gastrointestinal digestion and absorption. Add an appropriate amount of warm water to the cup first, then add goat milk powder according to 1: 2.5 milk ratio, slowly stir with a spoon and evenly put it in the bottle to feed the puppy. When feeding, you should observe your stomach. You can wait for about 3 hours after drumming.
    This puppies drink milk, more water, and at this time, the puppy's control is not so good, and it may be urinating. Use disinfection water to clear the puppy to avoid the habit of developing the puppy. If the puppy just starts to eat goat milk powder, the stomach is a bit uncomfortable, and the diluted condition can be stopped for a long time and fed some Wang Yi system to help reduce the problems caused by dilute dilution. Also prepare a warm dog foothills to let the dog take a good rest.

  2. Because the newborn puppy has a poor physical resistance, it is best to give it some foods that are similar to the breast milk ingredients, such as the pure milk that is dry after boiling (don't be too strong, otherwise it will not swallow); To buy foods such as milk powder, I have a suggestion: that is, it is better to boil milk ice cream or ice cream and dry it.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer [Smile] Kiss, the newborn puppy is suitable for breast milk. Breast milk contains all kinds of nutrients that puppies want, drinking breast milk can increase the puppy's resistance. When breast milk is not enough, you can use professional dog milk powder. When puppy drinks milk, parents should also closely observe their behavior. That parent should prepare special milk powder for pet dogs to feed puppies. It should be noted that if puppies are insufficient, parents can prepare 5%of glucose or nutritional supply liquid dripping into the mouth of the dog to help it enhance vitality.

  4. If you have the conditions, you can buy a dog powder, otherwise you can buy Yili's infant milk powder and put it in a small baby bottle to feed the dog. It can be bought for more than a month. Hey him, it is almost four to five times a day.

  5. The best is breast milk ... but other milk is okay.
    2, puppy can drink milk 3 months ago, and then do not drink it. It will diarrhea and poisoning.
    For safety reasons, you can choose wheat incense milk, a little

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