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  1. Health Immune Certificate: Do a good vaccine at a designated epidemic prevention station at the airport and bring immune certificates (fees ranging from 20-50 yuan). Generally, specifications are local animal disease prevention centers. The immune certificate requires an injection chapter with rabies vaccine, other diseases vaccine, and the airport does not care.
    A effective quarantine proof: within five days before departure, bring pets and health immunization certificates to move and plant quarantine agencies for health inspections. Fill the time on the day of the dog on the plane). You can also find a special agency for handling.
    The small animal consignment of small animals must be proposed at least 72 hours before the flight take -off time, and it should be checked after recovery by China Southern Airlines; It should be determined in accordance with the relevant model restrictions given by the Southern Airlines Machinery Engineering Department; each passenger can only consign one small animal or a pair of bird animals (must comply with the provisions of the carrier and immigration countries); Small animals should be loaded into a cage separately; a pair of birds can be installed in the same cage; passengers consignment of live animal cage packaging must not exceed 40x60x100 cm, the minimum cannot be less than 5x15x20 cm, and the maximum weight must not exceed 32 kg. Loading alone; before the airline model should be suitable for transporting small animals; China Southern Airlines does not accept small animal animals for transportation for the time being; small animals carried by passengers must be healthy, harmless, clean, and odorless. Small animals; 8. Passengers should transport live animals to the airport to check the check -in procedures 90 minutes before the flight time on the day of the opportunity.
    The expansion information: Pets handle consignment precautions: Some airlines require checked pets to use special pet air boxes. There are also individual airlines request to load pets with iron cages to avoid incidents such as air boxes from falling off. For details, please consult each airline service office.
    The legal basis: Article 114 of the Aviation Law of the People's Republic of China Article 114 The consignor shall fill in the original one of the air freight form, and the carrier shall be handed over to the carrier. The first part of the aviation freight order indicates the "trafficker", which is signed and stamped by the shipper; the second shall indicate the "delivery of the consignee", which is signed and stamped by the consignor and the carrier; The three copies were signed and stamped by the carrier after receiving the goods, and were handed over to the shipper. If the carrier fills in the aircraft freight order according to the request of the shipper, it shall be regarded as a consignor to fill in without the opposite evidence.
    The "Administrative Measures for Animal Quarantine" Article 5 Animal Health Supervision Agency assigned official veterinarians in accordance with the provisions of the Animal Epidemic Prevention Law and these Measures, and issue quarantine certificates to the quarantine and quarantine signs. Animal hygiene supervision agencies can designate veterinary professionals to assist official veterinarians to implement animal quarantine according to the needs of quarantine work.

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