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  1. There are the following varieties of pet dogs: 1. Absal is a kind of dog with a very friendly and gentle personality. In life, he is willing to interact with your family and play with your children.
    2. Small size of Bear dogs, white hair, very cute, not only that, they are also very easy to raise. Because the bi -berth dog does not taste, and it will not lose hair. Such a clean dog is very suitable for home support. And as a small dog, the life of a bear dog is also longer, and it can accompany you for a long time.
    3. The sausage dog's body is relatively long, but the limbs are very short. It looks very thick and cute when walking. The sausage dog is autonomous and is a dog that is easy to feed. As long as it gives it enough food, the sausage dog can live well.
    4. Sherry's body taste is relatively small, and it is not very hair loss. The hair can always be long, and the shape of the shape is very strong, such as the shape of the horse's mane, the shape of the eyebrow, and the shape of a small donkey. Sherry is "the first choice of dog raising" who likes to dress up dogs. I hope that answering can help you. If you have other questions, you want to consult the pet doctor, click the avatar below

  2. Husky, Labrador, Teddy, Bear and so on.
    recognized three major offensive animals, golden retriever, Labrador, Husky, the breeding environment requires a lot, suitable for fed young people with strong body. Cute small dogs, teddy, bichon, etc., are suitable for feeding the small and weak and petite elderly and children. There are many varieties of domestic care. The owner can buy according to his own love. In daily feeding, you must give it nutritious dog food, regularly deworming and vaccination for it, and prevent the disease. grow up.
    The dogs suitable for home support generally have the characteristics of docile, not hairy, noisy, and hair care. However, according to the owner's economic conditions, breeding environment, breeding owners, and different loves that are suitable for home support, there are also different animals.

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