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  1. The best pet dogs are the following: 1. Teddy, it is not only cute, but also has the advantages of all good breeding. Smart, not screaming, and not much hair removal, so don't worry too much about hair allergies.
    2, Yorkshine, York's long and beautiful hair is particularly attractive. Smart, lively and adventurous, not easy to remove hair, and the amount of exercise is relatively small. It can also be used as a guard dog, so it is popular.
    3, the Shih Shi Shiho, like Teddy, is smart, understanding, and raised. Its communication ability is also very high, cheerful and gentle, and can get along well with the elderly and children. It is not often called. The amount of walking is smaller than other small dogs, so you don't need to spend a lot of time to take it.
    4, the Cavaliers Charlie King Xiaohun Dog Knight is a gentle and can become a good friend with anyone. No matter what kind of bad realm can adapt quickly, it is an ideal family dog. The hair is beautiful and moving, especially the natural wavy hair on the ears, making it look more elegant.
    5, butterfly dog's most special thing is his pair of great big ears, as well as petite and exquisite figures. Smart and lively, sensitive and cheerful, obey the owner, never barking. It is a valuable and elegant partner dog and playing dog.

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