I feel that there may be insects in the puppy's body. When will the puppy drive insect deworming?

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  1. I feel that there may be insects in the puppy's body. When will the puppy drive insect deworming? We all know that there may be insects in our body, especially when we were young, parents would buy us insecticide, and I still remember. If you do n’t fight insects, your belly may be uncomfortable. In fact, animals are the same as people, and there will be insects in the belly. For example, dogs, they also need insects. And they are not hygienic than we eat, so there will be more bacteria in their stomachs, so there are more worms in their stomachs. In fact, there are many people who raised dogs who do n’t know how to give dogs. This is actually very bad. It is not conducive to the growth of dogs. The chance of dogs is greater. Today I will introduce to you when we should drive the dog insect.
    mac dogs are generally repeated when they were born more than thirty days after being born. At this time, some small bugs on the surface of the body are also easier to drive away, but some preparation matters need to be done before deworming. Do not let the puppy eat in advance and keep the stomach clean, which is more conducive to driving the bug. Can't eat but allow dogs to drink water. Generally, insect repellent is feeding them with insect repellent tablets or pills. Like the pills when we were young, you can buy it in a pharmacy or you can also buy it in a pet shop. The specific feeding medicine should be determined according to the weight of the puppy. There will be explanations in the medicine.
    The puppy deworming is at least twice. The first time is about thirty -five days after birth, the second is about twenty days after the following, that is, about sixty days after birth. This The purpose of the secondary deworming is to completely remove the insects on the dog. This time, the deworm can be vaccinated or the pills can be fed. Both forms can be used. Vaccination can enhance the dog's immunity. Dogs have some antibodies on their bodies when they are born, but as the dog grows, antibodies will decrease. At this time, it is necessary to use vaccines to enhance its immunity.
    The dog -repellent medicine for dogs is domestic and imported. Of course, if possible, it is best to use imported, and there are no major problems in domestic production. If the dog is more precious, use imported ones. Essence And it is best to go to large places to take vaccines or feed pills. It is more secure and safer in large places. In addition, taking medicine and vaccine cannot be performed at the same time. You can take medicine first. After ten days of vaccine, this will have a better effect, and it will not have any impact on the dog's body.

  2. When the dog is full, the pet owner can work with insects. Many puppies will infect parasites from the mother. If you do not repeat it for a long time, a large number of parasites will seize the nutrients of the dog's body to affect its health. development. The pet owner can repel deworming about 45 days after the dog was born

  3. During the process of breeding puppies, dogs should be removed regularly. Generally speaking, you should do in vitro deworming every three months, and you can go to a pet shop.

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