The puppy is prolapsed, what should I do?

Sewing, what should I do if I eat? Thank you everyone, help!

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  1. 1. After the dog is sewn, it is necessary to take anti -inflammatory drugs and cure diarrhea medicine.
    2. Don't give him something that is easy to form stool. You can buy it for a dog -specific goat milk powder. Those who are not so rich in economic strength can boil the dog with rice porridge and corn paste. To give the dog a little bit, you can be hungry, don't give him too much.
    3. At this time, you can get some sugar water and add some glucose. Squeeze some juice for the dog. Buy some rice noodles for dogs and good nutrition foods.
    4. Don't let it lick your own wound. Generally, doctors will wear a hood on their heads after surgery. When taking home to take care, you should look at the dogs, don't let it scratch your head. The puppy is better. Big dogs can be wrapped in a few circles of transparent tape on his hood and fix it.
    5. A few days before the dog was disassembled, he couldn't give him too much to eat. Feed him in order to feed him some foods that can form stools. If you feed too much at one time, the anus may be prolapsed again due to too much bowel movement the next day.
    Pucting information:
    This part of the rectal wall or full layer is shifted downward, called rectal prolapse. Movement of the rectal wall, the lower rectal mucosal movement, is called the mucous membrane prolapse or incomplete prolapse; If the lower rectal wall is moved in the anal canal rectal cavity, it is called inner prolapse;
    The dog prolapse refers to a part or most of the rectum, which is mostly out of the anus. For example, when the tissue is only the mucous membrane at the rectal end, it is called prolapse. For example, the tissue of the departure is the full -layer intestinal wall of the rectal section, which is just called the rectal off. The causes of the onset are mostly feeding disorders, inadequate qi, weakness of Yuanyang, qi deficiency and sinking, and anal sphincter relaxation, increased abdominal pressure, chronic constipation, diarrhea and severe responsibility, pathological delivery, etc.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia: Rectal prolapse

  2. Hurry up to take the dog for surgery, about 3,400 yuan. It cannot be delayed. I am afraid that the dog will be in danger of life. My original friend, his dog will be prolapsed. Then, then, then

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer it to eat it easy to digest, and then combine surgical repair, antibiotics and Chinese patent medicines for treatmentnHellonThis phenomenon is mainly due to imbalanced diet, so that it cannot be nutritious for a long time, insufficient drinking water, etc.nQuestion like thisnCan you not perform surgerynIs there any way to stuff him back?nAnswer oral anti -inflammatory and anti -infection drugs for treatment can reduce local inflammatory responsenCan recovernAsk what kind of anti -infection and oral medicine needed.nAnswer you can eat earthencycinnWash it out of the removing rectum with the warm potassium permanganate dilute solution, and then slowly reset into itnMore 9nBleak

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