1 thought on “How to get the Pets of the Ghost Knight Taro”

  1. Taro refers to the [Loyal Inu Taro] task. After completion, you will get achievements and will not get Taro pets.
    Honor 9x
    emui 10
    Qi Knight 3.026
    1. Players need to come to the guardian temple, you can see the task [Help Tauro find the master in the temple to find the master owner 】 Just complete it.
    2, go left, go all the way left. A cage will appear after clearing the monster in the third room, destroying it to rescue Taro.
    3, after rescue Taro, help it find the owner. Players need to go down and finish the monster in this room. After the monsters, Taro's owner will appear.
    4. After waiting for the story of the master of Taro, you can complete the task to get the achievement [loyal Inu Taro].

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