When does the dog start to drive insects

The dog is 3 months old. A few days ago, I hit the first needle of the Liulian. I haven't had insects before. I want to ask when I can start deworming?

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  1. The first time the dog was deworming was best at 3-6 weeks. Once a week for one month. Since then, the dog only needs to be deworming once a month. A little bigger, about 6 months, it only takes 3 months. After adulthood, you can drive bugs every six months.
    In vyh deworming: The first deworming of puppies can be performed at the same time as the vaccine at about a month. In vitro deworming medicines can be divided into two types: drops and spray, the owner can buy according to needs. Under normal circumstances, an in vitro dewracular deworming every three months.
    Extension information;

    If Note:
    1. When the dog is vaccinated, the body must be healthy. Unhealthy dogs cannot be vaccinated. The pet sky also explains the reason before, because the vaccine is weak.
    2, dogs do not take a bath before and after the dogs are vaccinated and deworming.
    3, the first vaccine of the dog, generally 3 stitches, the interval period is about 20 days. After the next year, you can only take a shot. Generally, the vaccine will give you a red immune book with the injection time of the vaccine. In the second year, you will be injected about one month in advance. Finally, according to time, because if you go abroad with your pets, you will check this small book. If you are unqualified, it will be very troublesome.
    4, if the dog's deworming inside and outside the body is usually about half a year, different drugs are different. You also need to eat according to weight. The specific situation, the pet owner needs to ask the doctor. The pet sky is not convenient. To say more.

  2. Dogs should start deworming when they are less than 2 months. Dogs before the age of 1 need to feed the deworming medicine once a month, and it can be fed once a year or once every six months after adulthood. It is recommended to choose imported brands of deworming medicine, such as steamba 100, Bayer and other insect repellent medicines. The deworming effect is good, and there are many types of insect repellent. It is best to buy medicine for it. It is not much good for dogs. Put the medicine to the food you feed your dog for it. If there are insects in the body, the dog may have symptoms of poor appetite and poor mental. This is normal, and it will return to normal after the insects are killed.
    25--35 days, you can remove insects for the first time. You must feed the insect repellent medicine strictly according to the dog's kilograms. Personally recommend that the first dose is small. And we must optimistic about the instructions and pay attention to the taboos on the instructions! Reminder should be done in front of the vaccine, because the parasite in the body will affect the effect of the vaccine injection (this has been said in the vaccine post)
    40-45 days, it can be broken
    45 days, about or so You can eat the soaked dog food
    42-45 days. You can get the first vaccine (4 union of the Meria 5 or Intels of Merria France). Pay attention to the vaccine and deworming. Time is too close. So plan in advance. About 7 days after the vaccine is injected, the mobo's immunity will decrease, so rest for more rest, do not change the food structure.
    55-60 days can be deworming for the second time
    60-65 days, and the second vaccine can be injected
    55 days. Slowly change (arrange the time for meal changes, do not deworming, the same day of the vaccine) and you can add a small amount of development treasure to the dogs
    85 days-90 days. In the future, the third vaccine can be injected. At this time, you can inject 6 combined seedlings containing the hook -end spiral body.
    15 days interval, you can inject single rabies
    90 days of feeding can be added with some American IN or calcium magnesium tablets, or calcium phosphorus treasures, or beautiful pink powder, but at this time, if the puppy is not obviously obviously, For the need, I usually continue to use developed treasures for myizers, and add multi -dimensional B properly.
    111 can be performed by vaccination antibody test to check the injection of the vaccine. If it is good, you can raise it with peace of mind. If the vaccination effect is weak, you can repeatedly injected 6 colors of seedlings once.

  3. Hello!
    For puppies, it is recommended that in vitro repellent deworming can be performed at the age of 6 weeks (after the milk is broken), and the in vivo deworming suggestion is to be carried out at the age of 8 weeks of the dog. If the dog is infected with parasites during this period, remember to use the right deworming medicine. Use the application of the application of the medicines used before.
    For dogs, in addition to arranging the date of deworming, it is also important not to forget regular vaccination.
    It puppies can inject vaccines to prevent infectious diseases as long as they reach 45 days of age (four units, five units, six united or seven units).
    The first year injection needs to be injected 3 times in a row, about 20-21 days each time. After that, it will be strengthened once a year immune every year. The specific time determines the last time of injection in the first year of immunity. At the same time, the dog also needs to inject rabies vaccine after the age of the dog. You can choose to inject any needle injection at the same time in the injection of the infectious disease vaccine at the same time. The two do not conflict. One needle needs to be strengthened every year in the future.
    If the following or various cases, it is not recommended to vaccinate the dog, and you need to wait for the dog to return to normal before the vaccination.
    The mental depression and loss of appetite.
    The symptoms of vomiting, soft stool or dilute.
    The replacement of the new environment has not adapted to more than 1 week.
    cough, runny nose and tears.
    Is severe skin diseases.
    I want to help you!

  4. Yes, dogs can be deworming inside and outside after 45 days of age, and can be interrupted with vaccines.
    General puppies below March should be dripped in vitro -deworming, which can be performed with the first needle vaccine. The deworming medicine in the body is generally oral pills, which may have some stimulation of gastrointestinal function, and may cause symptoms such as decreased appetite, mild vomiting, and soft stool. Therefore, deworming and vaccination in the body need to be separated for a period of time, about 5-7 days, and both need to be carried out in the state of the dog's health.
    In addition, the dog's deworming has the following precautions:

    1. Most oral deworming medicines may have a certain stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal and intestines. On the day or days after feeding, vomiting, soft stools, and decreased appetite may occur.
    2. If the cat's gastrointestinal function was relatively weak, and the recent vomiting and dilutes often occur. It is recommended not to prevent the drugs that prevent parasitic infection and regulate the gastrointestinal and then feed.
    3. If it is a manifestation of abnormal gastrointestinal function due to parasitic infection, it is important to perform insecticide in time.
    4. When a pet is found to have parasitic infections, the above -mentioned deworming cycle is recommended to achieve the ideal treatment state. It still needs to be treated in a timely manner according to the actual situation.
    Is to help you.

  5. It can be driven now, and the vaccine can be 3 days intervals. According to the accurate deworming time in the body, at 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks of age, they must be repeatedly deworming. After the dogs are 12 weeks of age, they will be repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly deworming every 3 months later. Just go. Devariack and vaccine must be carried out in the state of dog health! Some dogs will have stress reactions after exorcism, which can easily cause gastrointestinal problems. You can feed the dog for a few days during insect repellent, which can enhance the dog's immunity and avoid stress reaction! In vitro deworming is regularly driven once a month, you can use lice to prevent one month long.

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