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  1. It is best to eat pets for pets, dog food, dog snacks, etc., or white water boiled meat, vegetables and white baked. Fruits and vegetables cannot be eaten more, chocolate cannot be eaten, candy is best not eaten, bones should be cooked with cooked pigs , Cow bone head, poultry bone and fishbone may hurt the gastrointestinal tract of the dog. There are too many seasonings and oils in the food and snacks that people eat.

  2. Dog food, vegetables (best to cook high fiber), 3-5 mature steaks, bones, fish (picking fishbone), seaweed, kelp (not salt), it is best to give dogs more miscellaneous grains ( Corn, oatmeal, millet
    ), you must not eat onions and chocolate

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, cooked eggs. Cooked egg yolk is rich in vitamins and has very good protein. Generally speaking, it is okay to feed dogs to eat cooked egg yolk, but be sure to cook and feed them, because the yolk that is not cooked is the bacteria that exist in the existence of bacteria for humans. It's fatal because of these bacteria. Parasites are produced in the dog's ears and parasitic on their heads. And cooked egg yolk also contains trace elements and lecithin, so for dogs, it can help dogs hairdressing and increase hair. However, it must not be fed more. Generally speaking, it is enough to not reach two a week.

  4. If it is very young, it is recommended to feed milk and rice paste.
    In the weaning period, you can feed dog food, you can try to mix some yogurt when feeding your baby. Dogs like to drink yogurt.
    If your dog is public, it is called Oudi or obediently ...
    is a mother, you can use Duo Duo, Lele.
    It hope to help you (*^__^*)

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