1 thought on “The five most common kinds of pet dogs, the most cost -effective one, do you know?”

  1. [1] Pentian. The poodle is also called "lady dog" or "rolling dog", with noble temperament and cleverness. The poodle is very easy to train and quiet and reliable. It is not only a suitable family partner dog, but also has a certain alert ability to help the housekeeper.
    [Two] Haba dog. Haba dog is the "Bagu dog", noble, elegant, kind -hearted, and gentle. Haba dogs are more able to eat, so pay attention to providing sufficient food during daily maintenance. Haba dog loves sports and should give a certain exercise time every day.
    [3] Husky. Husky is a Siberian snow pry dog. He has a variety of character, a group residence, and has a strong sense of territory. Husky's beautiful and cruel appearance is loved by many families, and it is lively and active. It is suitable for playing with family members without knowing tiredness. Husky's expression is rich and cute, and it is easy to make people happy.
    [Four] Chisha. Chihuahua is a small dog species, with agile movements, well -proportioned, petite and cute, and is loved by people. Chihuahua is full of energy, tough will, and likes to stick to people. Chihuahua is naturally afraid of cold and is not suitable for breeding outdoors. In winter, pay attention to keep warm.
    [Five] Shiba Inu. Shiba Inu, also known as the "jungle dog", has a sensitive sense of smell, strong guardian awareness, loyal personality, and obedience. It is a very good partner dog. Shiba Inu helps the owner to see the home nursing home, like barking, and the quiet family is not suitable for breeding.

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