What kind of dog expenses are small? What kind of dogs do you know about raising money and worrying about home?

4 thoughts on “What kind of dog expenses are small? What kind of dogs do you know about raising money and worrying about home?”

  1. There are many dogs with low family expenses. Among them, the Chinese pastoral dog is the least. It is not picky about food and rarely sick. Haba dogs and Chihuahua eat less, and their hair basically does not need to be taken care of. Teddy and Corgi do not need too many foods every day, nor do they need to take them to beauty, so that they can save money and effort.
    5 low -cost dog species

    1. Chinese pastoral dogs
    This Chinese garden dogs are our local dog breed in China. If you ask what dogs are cheap, it is a Chinese pastoral dog. It is not picky about food, good adaptability, high immunity, and rarely sick, which is both money and effort. The Chinese pastoral dogs are very similar to the early wolves, Chinese wolves, and grassland wolves, with short mouth and flat.
    This dogs are mainly distributed south of the Great Wall and east of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau. Low -altitude areas centered on the central region are widely existed in rural China and Southeast Asia. dog.
    2. Haba dogs
    haba dogs, commonly known as "Haba dogs", are also local dog breeds in my country. It is a small dog and eats not much. Because the respiratory tract is relatively short, you do n’t need much exercise, do n’t have much hair, you do n’t need to take care of it frequently.

    3. Chihuahua

    Chihuahua is small and exquisite, which is the smallest pet dog in the world. Due to small body shape, food intake is much less than ordinary dogs. Chihuahua's hair is easy to take care of and does not need beauty care. All in all, daily expenses are small. It does not like foreign dogs of the same variety; it has the characteristics of similar to the stalk dogs; it is full of energy; Chihuahua dogs have a tough will, but they are more afraid of cold. They should not be raised in outdoor dogs.
    4. Teddy

    If you want to spend less money, it is recommended to raise a small teddy. Little Teddy eats less because it has natural curly hair, so you can choose not to take beauty care, which can reduce some expenses.

    5. Corgi

    The hair of Corgi is not much hair, which is easy to take care of. The temperament is very stable, because the short -legged round buttocks are very popular. Its food is not very large, and there is no need to go to beauty salons. You can usually take a bath at home.

  2. I think it should be the overhead of the Chinese pastoral dog, which is relatively smaller, because their immunity is relatively high and it is not easy to get sick.

  3. In fact, there is a lot of costs to raise any dog ​​now. If it is said that it is more saved and worry -free, then raising small dogs will save money than large dogs.

  4. Chihuahua is the most worry -free. Chihuahua does not have much exercise daily, and eats less, and does not need to spend time to take it out. It is very suitable for people who are raised by people living in the apartment, and Chihuahua can stay at home every day. Chihuahua is one of the very popular pet dogs.

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