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  1. If you like sewing, there are several methods of sewing hats here. Here are a few ideas.

    In a velvet nini or puffy hat. Shaking fleece is a good choice. The hat made is very warm in winter.

    sewing baby caps. The baby hat is an indispensable part of the overall cost of the baby. It can keep the child warm and make the child more comfortable. The following is the idea of ​​several sewing baby hats:
    The baby cap with a cute ears.
    In old T -shirts, a baby hat.

    . If this hat is the most ideal to wear with the corresponding Peter Pan suit. This hat is easy to make, and it can be made with felt cloth.
    Method 2 6:
    The wool woven hat
    If you can knit the wool, then it is a good choice from Binib to a female hat.

    Nove a simple hat. For novices who have just started to learn weaving, you can knit a simple hat to practice your hands, and it is very warm in winter.

    It woven a hat with a hook needle. The hat that weaves out of this method looks more delicate, but it is just not paralyzed. It is an ideal method for knitting hats.

    If you have a small knitting machine, you can use it to make a pretty good hat.
    Methods 3:
    This paper hats
    As long as you practice slightly, everyone can make a paper hat. If your performance suit or Halloween needs a hat, it is the fastest and effective way to make a paper hat. You can also make a paper hat to play. In short, no matter what the purpose, the paper hat is very convenient.

    . Make a basic paper hat. This type of hat can be used to match with sailor or captain uniforms, as well as pirate theme clothes, and so on.

    . Make a pirate hat. You can use ordinary paper or hard paper. In short, there are many ways to add icing on your pirate style.

    . Make a party hat and add an atmosphere to the party. If there is no traditional sweet cylinder party cap, there will be a lot of atmosphere. Of course, if you have played your head, you will find someone wearing a party cap afterwards, and at the same time, the photos of your Mark Cup are also on Weibo, and the atmosphere is not the same.

    Mainer to make a samurai hat. With such a hat, your samurai costume is officially completed.

    made a traditional Chinese hat with paper. If you want to wear costumes in Halloween, this is also a good choice.
    Method 4:
    mades of Halloween Hall of Hallowea

    P first select a topic and then make the corresponding hat. There are countless ideas for Halloween. Here are a few ideas for you to find inspiration:
    Witch hat
    Chef hats
    clown hat
    Methods 6:
    If you already have a lot of experience in making hats, then the room to play is even greater. There are several more complicated ways to make hats.

    making a felt cooker. The hat is made based on the shape of the head or the head of the head. It requires a certain professional skills, but the effect is very good and attractive.

    . Make a mini hat. This is a simpler hats style that can be completed quickly.
    or, if you want to use the bikki tape to make a hat, it is not possible.

    Method 6:
    If you have time and mood, you can also make a hat for your baby pet. Here are a few ideas.

    Whether it is to add the atmosphere to the party, or for the dog's shading, it is a good choice.

    When you look at the cute cat wearing a hat, it is funny that it is dissatisfied with the hats on your head. This hat is also very easy to make.
    This prompt
    The person with relevant professional experience with a hat technology to make hats. So if you are preparing to use this method, it is best to find a person who knows it.
    You need to prepare
    The fabric, line, or other materials
    The size of the head
    The tools suitable for
    The decoration suitable for hats and texture (optional)

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