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  1. The best food for dogs is dog food. If you ca n’t eat dog food and eat home food, pay attention to ensure nutritional balance. Animal internal organs (Note: Do not feed pig liver for a long time, poisoning), meat, corn flour, fish (note: the hard spines of fish may be stuck, it is best to pick it), carrots, etc., can be dog foods. Fate it for almost no salt and cook. In addition, when feeding puppies and dog food, mix a little warm water.
    If feeding times:
    In weeks 4
    times; 12
    fered to feed 3
    times a day; 4
    -month-one year old feed twice a day; feed once a day after one year old.
    Note: The puppies have poor control over hunger to prevent gastrointestinal diseases from eating too much.
    The nutritional elements of dogs
    Dogs are omnivorous animals. It wants to eat everything that people eat, but the nature still tends to be meat. Therefore, it is still ideal to feed foods containing animal protein, especially puppies in the stage of development. About 8-9 grams of protein must be supplemented every day.
    The method of feeding in animal protein, such as beef, fish, chicken, eggs, beef liver or chicken liver, milk, etc. and this ingredient. But in general, the protein is the most abundant in fish, and you should feed as much as possible for puppies.
    The nutrients second only to protein are fat, puppies need to be twice as much as possible. Meats and dairy products are still the source of fat acquisition for fat growth for puppies.
    Mest vitamin is an important factor that affects dog physical strength and metabolism. Healthy dogs can synthesize him in the body, but other foods containing vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, D, etc. need to be fed by the owner. Therefore, when arranging three meals for dogs, such foods should be included in the menu. Mixing beef liver, chicken liver, eggs, dairy products, etc. mixes in its foods. The problem is that dogs may not like to eat these foods, so at the beginning, you should mix some foods that they usually like to eat. In this way, it does not cause the deviation of shadowing, or there is a lack of vitamin.
    The reasonable nutritional ratio of dog food
    puppies: meat
    Performance: meat
    28% r r r r r r r r
    30% n30%
    30% r r r
    30% r r r r r r
    It: Foods that dogs should not feed
    Is when dogs see their families with big fish and meat and delicious snacks in front of the dining table, but they also want to eat All foods outside the meal should refuse the dog's begging. The following food should be collected:
    1, the fish and milk that just taken from the freezer (easy to cause the lower diarrhea)
    2, squid, octopus, shellfish , Shrimp, crabs and other seafood (not easy to digest)
    3, chicken bones and fish bones are sharp and hard, it is easy to stab the oral and digestive organs, nor can they feed. (Sometimes it will cause intestinal hemorrhage)
    4, dessert honey crickets (the main cause of tooth decay and obesity)
    5, ginger, curry powder, pepper and other irritating spices, too stimulating the stomach
    6, salt divisions High food.
    7, shiitake mushrooms, fresh grinds, etc. that are not easy to digest, may cause diarrhea or vomiting.
    8, onions contain the toxicity of dissolving red blood cells, and can easily cause poisoning symptoms such as hematuria or anemia after eating.
    Chocolate may also cause toxic substances and cause diseases such as urinary incontinence, spasm, and sheep madness.
    It some dogs can cause diarrhea as soon as they drink milk. In this case, you can feed the dog with yogurt.
    The puppies should not feed foods such as preservatives and pigments such as ham sausages, sausages, and fish silk.

  2. do you know? Dogs and human food culture are different. People are omnivorous animals, while dogs were originally carnivorous animals. Because the dog's ancestors do not have any biscuits, pudding, chocolate, beef strips and other omnivorous foods, they only add animal meat to the animal, and they will eat some things and other things in the middle ... You also need to eat Mitian together to fill hunger ... (very delicious!);
    ——— not to pay attention to food, tear large pieces of meat with sharp dog teeth and forelimbs, and swallow it when chewing; The purpose is also very simple, just to eat for alive, and to fight for food. They eat quickly, and the opportunity to eat quickly in the wild is also greater.
    The sequelae of livestock
    -but after the dog has gradually become a livestock, it has been unable to find food on its own. All the needs of life are taken care of by the owner or domestic helper, which naturally conforms to human omn. In addition, in addition to three meals at noon, as long as you want to blackmail what afternoon tea, cheese fragrance cakes, cookies, beef soft pieces, soda and other sources are not available. No wonder almost every three dogs are fat dogs !! Fat dogs are young and fashionable, they can eat and drink, and the hair is smooth; but as I get older, the sequelae will follow. The hair color is not luster, then appetite, hair removal, diarrhea, liver disease, heart disease, skeletal loose, diabetes, hypertension, the last life whipped ... The owner returned my life ... wow. rn狗狗营养的需要rn—— 每只狗狗在不同成长阶段都有自己不同的营养需要;若要保持狗健康需要保证得到起码数量的多种营养素食物以达致营养Balance, including ingestion of meat, fish, milk, eggs, grains, and appropriate vitamins and minerals. With a balanced and nutritious food, the dogs are full of natural muscles, bones are healthy, and their skin is slippery.
    (1) Meat
    -Meat can provide the elements required for bone growth and cell tissue regeneration, and also promote metabolism; The meat should not exceed half of the dog food.
    (2) Fat
    -The fat contained in meat and plants provides fatty acids required by all parties of the dog body, which can make skin, hair, and maintain health.
    (3) Carbohydrate
    -The other nutrients required by the dog every day should come from carbohydrates, such as grain food, rice, dough, dried dog food and potato. Carbohydrates can increase the amount of dog food and help the bowel movement of the intestine .... La is also beautiful.
    (4) Vitamin
    -Other supplementary vegetarians such as calcium tablets, vitamin tablets, bone powder, etc., can provide the required vitamin or order nutritional balance.
    (5) Water
    -Dogs will lose the moisture every time the dog urinates, 唔, breathing, and sweating. About 60%of adult dogs weigh, and you need to drink about 150cc of water per day, but if you do too much, you will not taste it.
    (2) The healthy recipe of puppies
    The nutrition required for puppies
    -puppies are full of vitality, bouncing, and the physical strength consumption is far from human BB. So the nutrition required for puppies is the most important. Protein can make puppies muscle and fiber develop. But these proteins must be easy to absorb, not to eat too much. As a smart owner, you must know high -quality dog ​​food, because the nutrition that puppies eat and absorb during their growth will affect its future health. The puppies' stomach is small. If you feed low -quality foods, the puppy will soon be full and the nutritional nutrition will not be absorbed. Conversely, feeding high -quality foods, puppies can absorb the due protein without too much weight due to the large amount of food.
    -Balanced nutrition is very important. In addition to protein, calcium and starch can help the puppy's healthy development. Many owners think that it is a very wrong idea to keep food to puppies (commonly known as Gu Fei canal) to make puppies stronger. Excessive amounts will cause puppies to develop too fast and cause skeleton structure. And low quality foods can only make puppies fat and muscle loose. The puppies over the fertilizer are prone to heart and kidney symptoms. High -quality and balanced nutrition can not only make the puppies muscles strong, but also make the beautiful lubrication and luster, and the stomach and intestines will reduce the stink of puppies and scent.
    -Smart master please remember: Today, in dog food and other nutritional foods, he spends more expensive in veterinary and other treatment costs.

  3. 1: Your dog has just arrived home. It is easy to get sick within 2 weeks. You have to take good care of it during this time. Do not let it get sick. It goes to get the vaccine (the puppies are free, you have to get 3 stitches, once every 21 days at a time), do not take a bath within 10 days ...
    3rd, to eat special puppies The puppies' food is different from the nutritional ingredients in adults. The protein content in puppies is relatively high, and it also contains Omega 3 and 6
    . 4: Bathing at the puppy into home 3 Try to wash as little as possible within a month. You can use the combing of dogs to help it. After 3 months, you can wash it once every 1-2 weeks
    . 5: Most important, do not let the puppy enter the bed Or open an air conditioner or electric heater to make it suitable for the surrounding temperature. Don't be hot and cold, otherwise the puppy has a cold-pneumonia
    : Puppy eats food, soak the dog food first and eat Easy to digest

  4. Whether the dog is healthy and the development period is important. The diet of the puppies is the key to determining the growth of dogs. Do you know the correct feeding of puppies?
    1. The puppies are the key in about two months, and the early stage is mainly to eat breast milk. Dogs of about two months enter the growth period, and more nutrition is needed. To accurately understand the state of the dog, helping the dog's nutrition can make the dog grow healthier!
    2, the dog's physical resistance is not strong, and the teeth are not fully developed. Feeding food allows dogs to obtain resistance from nutrition!
    3, self -made food for dogs, food in this area can be close to the taste of dog breast milk. Dogs feed natural alpine milk powder to replace breast milk, enhance immunity, improve gastrointestinal function, and promote development. Make dogs absorb nutrients while replenishing moisture. The puppies' digestive body is not perfect, and their stomachs are relatively weak. Directly feeding milk will make the dog thinner.
    4, the two -month -old dog feeds the full -price whole dog breed puppies, which helps the dog to increase their resistance. Boil it with water. Essence
    In the dog grows up, feed the dog with a full price of dogs into dog food, so that the dog is stronger and helps the dog's hair to provide nutrition.

  5. The first 30 days after the puppy was born, breast milk was mainly made of breast milk. Compared with human milk, it contains more protein and fat. The best food after weaning is dog food. If you ca n’t eat dog food and eat home food, pay attention to ensure nutritional balance.

    Animal internal organs (Note: Do not feed pork liver for a long time, poisoning), meat, corn flour, fish (note: the hard thorns of fish may be stuck, it is best to pick it), carrot Wait, you can be a dog's food, and you can almost cook it without salt. In addition, when feeding puppies and dog food, mix a little warm water. Note: The puppies have poor control of hunger to prevent gastrointestinal diseases from eating too much. Dog food reasonable nutritional ratio, puppies: 35% grain 33% of meat, adult dogs: 28% grain 40% fruits and vegetables 30% additive 2% additive 2% of the fruits and vegetables 30%. The following foods should be collected: First, the fish, milk (easy to cause lower diarrhea) from the frozen library (easy to cause lower diarrhea) 2. The puppies can really avoid feeding ham sausages, sausages, and fish silk containing dual oxygen, pigment and other foods. Third, do not give dogs a small watermelon, and try not to eat other melon fruits, it is easy to cause dilute.

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