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  1. The top ten cheap and easy -to -breed small dogs are as follows:
    . Chihuahua
    Chihuahua is very petite in size and very agile. Although it is more friendly to humans, it is more excluding other dogs, so it is not recommended to mix with other dogs or animals.
    . Bagu dogs
    Pagol is a dog that is more suitable for apartments. They do not need too much exercise. Generally, they are sleeping. It can be said that it is better to raise. But pay attention to cleaning the folds on your face, otherwise it may stink.
    . Bomei dogs
    Pme dogs are generally very good. They are very good partner dogs. They are very friendly to the owner and the family. Oh.
    . The mini Duberman
    mini Doberman is native to Germany. The ancestor is German Doberstone. The high -level training is relatively simple. The dog can quickly learn and remember that it occasionally needs to run and play regularly.
    . The Beijing -Pakistan dog
    Nebba dogs are dogs of Chinese dogs. They have a long history and have a noble color of God. It has a small appetite. So it is also very good to feed. It is very smart and brave, small and human, and has won the popularity of the public.
    . Teddy dogs
    teddy dogs are dogs with light hair flavor. Small.
    Is 7. Chinese pastoral dogs
    The Chinese garden dogs are Chinese dogs. They are loyal and kind. The good -looking rural dogs are also very beautiful. It is a very common dog. The price is also very cheap, and you can own it without money.
    . The sausage dogs
    The sausage dogs are native to Germany. They are short -legged, long -body hounds, shaking when walking, very thick and cute.
    . Golden retriever
    Golden retriever was originally produced in the UK. It is one of the most common home dogs. It is very IQ and is friendly to children. Intersection
    . The Labrador dog
    Labrador is a medium and large dog. It is naturally gentle, lively, no aggressive and intelligent. The dog varieties of other working dogs are one of the three major offensive dogs with golden hunting dogs and Husky.

  2. u003CSTRONG Teddy, Schsthend, etc.
    The Teddy who is not afraid of all over the world kills the first small dogs in various small dogs, of course not because of its high IQ. It is because it is not only cute, but also has the advantages of all good breeding. Smart, not screaming, and not very hair removal, so don't worry too much about hair allergies. Like Test Dogs, like Teddy, is smart, understands, and raises well. Its communication ability is also very high, cheerful and gentle, and can get along well with the elderly and children. It is not often called. The amount of walking is smaller than other small dogs, so you don't need to spend a lot of time to take it. However, the hair of Xi Shi dogs is long, and it should be combed often.
    For large dogs, the amount of hair loss of small dogs is also very small. It is usually very convenient to take care of it, so now urban people prefer raising small dogs.

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