1 thought on “What is going on with dogs like to eat grass?”

  1. . Why do dogs like to eat grass?
    1. Because of boring
    This dog IQ is not very high, so they often do something that looks silly. The reason for them may be because of curiosity of grass, or It's just boring. I want to have something to chew in my mouth, just like people like to eat melon seeds.
    2. Lack of nutrition
    If feeding a single food for the dog for a long time, it is likely to cause the dog's nutritional unevenness, and the lack of some vitamins or trace elements in the body. In order to maintain physical functions, shovel officers began to appear alienous. In addition to eating grass, they may also eat plastic bags, walls, tree roots, etc.
    3. Promoting excretion
    The dogs can eat too much food indigestion, or if you eat some food that is not easy to digest, you may eat grass Intestinal peristalsis help it accelerate the food in the stomach and relieve the symptoms of the dog's intestinal discomfort.

    . What should I do if dogs like to eat grass?
    1. Improve diet
    Plords can feed dogs with some foods such as fruits, vegetables or boiled meat, enrich the dog's diet structure, and supplement the nutritional required for the body. You can also feed some pets for nutrition or vitamin tablets, but this situation will not be changed at once. It may take a long time to slowly condition.
    2. Time to stop
    Whenever the dog is found to eat grass, the owner should immediately tighten the dog rope, and then scold it loudly to let the dog know that the grass cannot be eaten. Many smart dogs are in After being scolded a few times, you will understand the owner's meaning and no longer eat grass.
    3. Feeding probiotics
    Whether the dog eats grass, it is recommended to feed some pet probiotics to regulate the stomach and avoid the symptoms of soft stools when they eat too much grass.
    The above is the reason and solution of dogs eating grass. If you have other unclear content, you can consult the online pet doctor at any time. It is recommended to send it to the pet hospital for examination in time.

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