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  1. Tie or 蜱. The English name is Ixode Tick. I think you said that there are a lot of dogs at home, which is really scared to me, because it is dangerous and it shows that you don't pay attention. I think you may like to slip a dog in a place where there are many trees, because generally lying on the leaves or grass tip of the shrubs, when you meet someone or animals, you hang it on people or animals, and then suck blood. After the suction is full, I will fall down, and when the opposite sex is encountered, it will match the spawning. This parasitic is strong and can not eat for a year. A puppet seemed to take only 3 times in his life. He made himself mature in the first two times, and prepared for mating for the third time. So seeing them must kill them, otherwise they will not be eliminated. Be sure to find so many reasons why your pets have so many crickets. You need to know that is not a parasitic parasite, so it depends on whether it is a pet event.

    do not underestimate this little bug. If you are bitten by it, it will make you a very serious disease. The name of this disease is Lyme Disease, Lai, Lai The clinical manifestations of Multi -Diseases: The incubation period is 3 to 32 days, with an average of about 7 days. Clinical symptoms can be divided into three phases.

    The first period: It is mainly manifested as the chronic wandering erythema of the skin, which is found in most cases. At the beginning, erythema or pimples are commonly expanded in the biting part of the bite, which gradually expands to form a ring -shaped, with an average diameter of 15 cm, the center is slightly hardened, and the red boundary peripherals are unclear. The disease is not waiting in one or more places. It is more common in thighs, groin and armpites. There may be burning and itching. At the beginning of the disease, symptoms such as fatigue, chills, headache, nausea, vomiting, joints, and muscle pain can also occur, and meninges can also occur. Local and whole body lymph nodes can be swollen. Occasionally there are spleen, hepatitis, pharyngitis, conjunctivitis, irisitis, or testicular swelling. Skin lesions generally last 3 to 8 weeks.

    The issue of the second: several weeks or months after the onset, about 15%and 8%of patients have obvious symptoms of nervous system symptoms and signs of heart suffering. The nervous system can be manifested as a variety of lesions such as meningitis, encephalitis, dancing diseases, cerebellar disorders, skull neuritis, exercise and sensory neuritis, and spinalitis. More common. The lesions can recur, and occasionally developed to dementia and personality disorders. A small number of cases of room conduction block, myocarditis, pericarditis, and left ventricular dysfunction occur 3 to 10 weeks after skin lesions have occurred. Heart damage is generally only weeks, but recurrence. In addition, this period often travels with joints, muscles and bone marrow, but usually has no joint swelling.

    In III: within a few weeks to 2 years after infection, about 80%of patients with varying degrees of joint symptoms such as joint pain, arthritis or chronic erosion synovitis. There are many joints such as knees, elbows, and hips, and small joints can be affected. The main symptoms are joint pain and swelling, and there may be a small amount of effusion in the knee joint. Often recurring, the lesions of a small number of patients can be changed to chronic, accompanied by the destruction of cartilage and bone tissue. A few patients in this period may have the manifestations of chronic nervous system damage and chronic atrophic limb dermatitis.

    It attention, if you see a pet or you have a cricket on your own, whether you have sucking or not, don't pull it down, because its head will stay in the skin, it will stay in the skin, it will stay in the skin, it will stay in the skin, Since then, the animals are better, and people will definitely have Lym disease, and the consequences will be very serious. It was found that the skin had a bite, and the skin was tightly applied to the skin, pinching the cricket, and stable, and gently pulled out. If there is no magpie, you can use a paper towel to wrap your fingers or gloves, and you must not grab it with naked hands. Be careful not to squeeze or penetrate the body, because the body liquid may contain a rotor body. After removing the 咬, the bite should be cleaned thoroughly. It is important to find that it should be removed. It is very important. It is not necessary to use Vaselin, paper, cigarettes, alcohol or other household medicines.

    The method of avoiding infection is to avoid being bitten as much as possible. In the area where you are in a cricket, you should wear clothes to cover your arms and legs, and put your trousers into the socks, and the beam of the shirt in the trousers. Spray the driving agent (such as DEET, etc.) on the pants and sleeves to prevent the adhesion of the cricket. Check the whole body for bite after 3-4 hours.

    Right, go to the pet hospital to ask, I know that Europe has a special medicine and spray that specializes in bite, and I don't know if there is any domestic in China. Sliding the dogs every day, not only to check the dogs, but also to check if you have a stingy on your own body and clothes. This is important. Don't think that I am sensational. I know a person who has got the disease in Europe myself in Europe. I lived for several months. I heard that there was a problem with the nervous system and the heart.

  2. This kind of bug is called dog beans. This thing is difficult to get, but I heard that I will take a bath with a dog with soapy water. you.
    (It is best not to take a dog to play in the wild weeds in summer. There is a kind of bug called "dog beans" in the grass. It can be poisoned by dogs, and even people are bitten and poisoned. Once your dog is bitten by "dog beans", you can handle it as follows: 1. "dog beans" that bite on the skin should not be forcibly removed forcibly removed forcibly removed , You can drop a drop of iodine, alcohol or ether, etc., or drill with cigarettes to automatically take off the "dog beans". The effect of swelling. 名, also known as tick or flat lice, commonly known as grass climbing, eight -footed, dog beans, is an incomplete perverted limb animal. They are parasitic on the body of the dog, absorbing the blood of the dog, causing the dog to cause the dog Anemia, while secreted neurotoxin into the dog's body, causing the dog's neurotriplastic dysfunction, showing muscle paralysis failure, and also transmitting a variety of diseases. Prevention measures are as follows: 1 Prevention and strengthen daily breeding sanitary management, regularly remove the dog house regularly to clear the dog house regularly to remove the dog house regularly and clear the dog house regularly Internal garbage. Adhere to the principle of self -care and self -care. Dogs introduced or sold must be checked (brushed by hair, etc.) and extinguishing work to prevent them from bringing in or out of the category. The maintenance of the house or regular disinfection every week for dog bodies and venues. Use 0.10 % to 0.15 % dual -seammented emulsion oil for atomization to reduce the survival of cricket and insect eggs. From April to September , At the peak of the event, regularly use 0.04 % to 0.08 % of the aquin or 1 % enemies, especially the application of 0.15 % one 0.20 % dual -metacarium milk oil for the medicinal bath. The effect is significant. At the same time, seriously. Do a good job of dog body examination, mainly the inside, head, auricle, and toe parts of the front and rear limbs. Use manual removal, or use ether to anesthes anesthesia. Buried. Prevent scattered dogs from entering the field, removing weeds in the field, completely drying or using the enemy's dialogue cigarettes to prevent dog infection. 2 Treatment to the diseased dogs with clinical symptoms, early diagnosis (early diagnosis (early diagnosis (early diagnosis ( The main points of diagnosis are parasites of dogs with pheasant; uneasiness at the beginning of the disease, unstable gait, or clamor, weight loss, anemia, growth and developmental blockage, uplifting paralysis, gradual failure and death). Take effective treatment measures in time, first eliminate manually The dog's body table is 2-3 times, and the medicine bath. Second, the muscle or venous injection of the serum of 0.5 ml / kg of the campaign of the dog; Severe muscle injection of vitamin B1 100 g, vitamin B12 200 micrograms, twice a day; adopt systemic therapy with severe symptoms, supplement body fluids (sugar, vitamin, etc.) to maintain normal metabolism, prevent severe dehydration, prevent serious dehydration And failure; wide -spectrum antibiotics to prevent secondary or concurrent infections, and give sodium bicarbonate in a timely manner to correct metabolic acid poisoning. Pay attention to care and give high -energy feed to promote appetite and digestion. Winter warm summer cool)

  3. You are talking about it. Go to the pet hospital to see some medicines. You need to disinfect at home. Every time you finish it, you disinfect the house, and use 84. After all, you can use it. After all, it is used at home.

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