1 thought on “Top ten small dogs that are suitable for home -raising are smart and easy to raise dogs”

  1. 1. Pomeranian: Pomeranian is called the world's most lovely pet dog, and it is also a puppy with a high value and flattering value. Many families will choose to raise Bomei dogs, which will increase more fun. The small body of the small body looks white and looks more cute, making people unable to hold it. But the biggest disadvantage of this puppy is that he likes noise and is stubborn.

    2. Shi Shi Dog: The Shih Shi dog looks more beautiful like a Barbie doll. This dog originated from Tibet and was raised in the Lama Temple as a kind of puppy. This small dog is often taken out by humans. It looks a bit like a little lion and a cute puppy.

    . Vaplet: One of the most beautiful dogs in the top ten dogs. This kind of poodle is often more cute by the owner, and is a kind of fancayer.

    4. Butterfly Dog: The butterfly dog's ears look more cute like butterflies wings, and the appearance is relatively smart. The breeding dog's self -protection ability is relatively strong and has a strong keenness. If you raise such a pet dog in the home, you will also add some fun to life.

    5. Labrador Hound: Labrador Hound is a relatively docile puppy. For the owner's loyalty and kindness, he likes to stick to the owner and is suitable for a puppy. In the top ten dogs, La Brador Hounds like to amuse with the owner. The very smart and docile puppy is the ideal puppy of the family.

    6. Teddy: Teddy is a kind of pet dog that many people like. The hair on the head can dress different shapes, and the ears are hanging down. After cutting the hair for short hair, it is more lovely. This puppy is a more popular little pet dog. It likes to move and has a better temperament.

    7. Chihuahua: Chihuahua is a kind of cute puppy with a large body with a large body. It is said that they can be a protector of religion and a good friend of human beings. This small animal is more flattering. It is an ideal pet dog in the top ten dogs.

    8. Golden retriever: Golden Retriever is a dog that is more loyal to the owner and likes to play with children. A more active animal is very smart and cute. Many men prefer golden retrievers and they are friendly and enthusiastic. It is very friendly by people as a guide dog and pet dog.

    9. Shiba Inu: Shiba Inu is a relatively old puppy with a more active sense of sensory. This kind of puppy is more active to be friendly to humans is a kind of pet that humans like. Moreover, Shiba Inu can be a kind of puppy who can see the home for a strong alert to see the home.

    10. Corgi: Corgi is a protective dog suitable for children. This kind of puppy is smarter and wise. Small pet dog. They are very courageous. It is possible to protect their homes. They are a kind of puppy with a gentle nature.

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