5 thoughts on “Small dogs suitable for domestic, short -haired, docile personality, what kind of varieties?”

  1. Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Teddy dogs, poodles, Schttech, Yorkshore, Big dogs, sausage dogs, tea cup dogs, Bay dogs, Corgi dog n suitable for domestic dog recommendation: r r
    1. Pomeranian
    P. Pomeranian is from Europe near the Arctic Circle. Because it is petite and cute, the appearance of the cuteness is sought after by everyone. The Bomei dog is very well -proportioned, and the hair is also rich. The straight texture also gives people a more fluffy feeling. It is particularly long in some body parts, such as the dog's neck or thighs. The hair of these parts is particularly lush. The brush is sorted out, and the hand feels very good, and on the other hand, the Bomei dog is cheerful and vibrant. Loyalty and friendship is his advantage. Although it belongs to a small dog, it will show a brave and fierce side in the encounter.
    2. Chihuahua
    Chihuahua is the smallest type in the dog. When it looks at you with big eyes, you will feel the electricity. The master will be very happy every day. Chihuahua is like a child, naughty and cute, and likes to play with the owner.
    Chihuawa is small in figure and does not have high requirements for living space. Basically, it is enough to let them play like a general residence space. They don't have much exercise daily, and they don't need to spend time taking it out. It is very suitable to be raised by people living in the apartment. Chihuahua can stay at home every day, which is very suitable for busy office workers.
    3. Teddy dog ​​
    teddy is a kind of dog with a lot of breeding. Generally, there are coffee, apricot, black, etc., and have good personality, cheerful, very alert, smart, like to go out, and temperament. Good and strong adaptability. Teddy is very cute. After taking care of Teddy, Teddy is the same as plush toys. Some owners naughtyly put Teddy with a bunch of toys, without any sense of disagreement. Teddy is loyal and cute. Home breeding.
    4. Poodle
    The poodle is very loyal, and he likes to learn and receive training, and he is particularly smart to learn. There are large, medium, and small body types, and breeders can choose according to their own living space. Poodle has a lot of advantages, high IQ, no body taste, no hair loss. But the poodle is more delicate, very sticky, and cumbersome beauty care. So if you plan to raise a poodle, you must prepare psychological preparations.
    5. Shih Shi Dog
    Thezhi dogs and Teddy, smart, understanding, high understanding, good breeding. Its communication ability is also very high, cheerful and gentle, and can get along well with the elderly and children. It is not often called. The amount of walking is smaller than other small dogs, so you don't need to spend a lot of time to take it. However, the hair of Xi Shi dogs is long, and it should be combed often.
    6. Yorkshine
    York's long and beautiful hair is particularly attractive. Smart, lively and adventurous, not easy to remove hair, and the amount of exercise is relatively small. It can also be used as a guard dog, so it is popular. It is only because it is very strong to teach them to keep discipline. Then in order to maintain a beautiful appearance, please brush them every day.

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