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  1. Small dogs suitable for family care are Corgi, which are docile; VIPs, cuteness, and changeable shapes; Jingba dogs are lively and smart; butterfly dogs, gentle and kind, obey the owner; Small dogs that are suitable for home care: Corgi Corgi is very docile and very stable. There is no neurotic quality of ordinary small dogs at all. It is a guardian dog that is very suitable for children. They are very courageous, and they are also quite alert. They can highly be vigilant to protect their homes. They are one of the most popular small guards. And under the living conditions such as apartments and residential areas, small dogs are easier to raise.
    The small dogs suitable for home care: VIPs are very beautiful, have a variety of shapes, cute and petite shapes. Its IQ is very high, which can well understand the owner's meaning and execute. VIPs are more sticky and need their care and companionship, otherwise they may suffer from depression.
    The small dogs suitable for home care: Jingba dog Jingba dog is an ancient dog breed in China. It has personality, strong performance, lively personality, smart and humane, and its image is like a lion, so it is also known as the court lion dog Essence Jingba dog has been in China for a long time. It is very suitable for family care and can bring a lot of joy to the family.
    The small dogs suitable for home care: The name of the butterfly dog ​​butterfly dog ​​is because the long hair on its ears is decorated, like a dancing butterfly. Its personality is very gentle and kind, and it is very easy to get close to others. He obeys the master and never barks. It is a very intelligent pet dog. Its body is more petite, but the body is very strong and powerful. They like outdoor sports very much.
    The small dogs suitable for home care: Chihuahua and Chiza are generally sensitive and lively. Although they are one of the youngest dogs in the world, if they live with it, they will not give people a sense of weakness. On the contrary, their curiosity is very curious. Strong, no matter what the owner wants to do anything, he must stretch his neck. Chihuawa's mind is also very flexible and good at thinking. As long as training is proper, complicated things can be learned.

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