4 thoughts on “Which dogs do you think dogs are gentle, obedient, and very suitable for home care?”

  1. Corgi and Akita are more suitable for home care, and they are very gentle and obedient. Corgi is a small and medium -sized dog. It is particularly easy to raise, and it is very gentle to the owner, and it is still very cute. Akita is a large dog, but Akita is really gentle and never shouts to the owner. If you don't like these two kinds of dogs, you can also raise a Samoyed. Samoyed's hair is pure white and is called a smile angel, which is also very obedient. When raising dogs, it is best not to raise Husky and Alaska. These two dogs have a lot of energy and are not very obedient.
    Corki is more suitable for home care.
    The Corki is really cute. Walking and shaking, you can always see Corgi's big fart. Corgi was like a little rabbit when he was a child. It was really cute, and Corgi, who grew up, also distressed the owner. Because Corgi's ass is relatively large, he especially likes to sleep. When he sees Corgi, the owner's mood will be very good. And Corgi does not need to always walk, and their character is also very gentle and will not dismantle home. So if your family is relatively small and you want to raise a dog, you can raise a Corgi.
    Akita and Samoyed are also very gentle and obedient.
    Akita and Samoyed are not local dogs in China, but these dogs are really obedient, so if your family is relatively large and there is enough environment to allow dogs to live, then you can raise one Akita or Samoyed. Because Akita and Samoyed are large dogs, their activity space should also be relatively large and cannot be raised in the building. If you really want to raise these two dogs in the building, you must always remember to walk the dog, you can take the dog out in the morning. After dinner, you should also take the dog out to bend, so that the dog can not stay at home all the time.
    This summary
    A even gentle dogs have a temper, so the owner must always accompany the dog, not allow the dog to stay at home.

  2. Labrador is very cute, as well as golden retriever, golden retriever is very smart, gentle, and human, and is one of the most suitable pet dogs for home.

  3. I feel that dogs such as Teddy, Golden Retriever, Samoyed, Corgi, Bulberry, Labrador, Shiba Inu, and Bomei are more obedient and suitable for home support.

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