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  1. With the rapid development of the economy, more and more people now like to raise pet dogs. The first is because of economic ability to raise a dog, and the second is that dogs can give us companionship and warmth. But there are many people who follow the dogs and even hate dog lovers. Of course, the dog lovers here are not all dog lovers, but those who care about dogs who care about others. So let's take a look, why do some people hate dog lovers?
    First, if someone doesn't like dogs, some dog lovers will blame us to first recognize a fact. Not everyone likes dogs. Some people like dogs. Like dogs. But some dog lovers believe that people who don't like dogs are cold -blooded animals without love, and even have personal attacks and moral abductions for those who don't like dogs. They feel that they don't like dogs. moral. However, some people have been hurt by dogs. For example, they have been bitten by dogs, so they leave a psychological shadow to the dog, so that they don't like the dog, and they want to avoid the dog. In fact, it is normal to like dogs and dogs. Just like some people think that children are naive and lovely, they like children very much; while some people think that children are very noisy and do not like children. For example, in the hearts of people who like dogs, if the dog is close to you, you will feel that it is cute; on the contrary, in the hearts of people who don't like dogs, if the dog is close to them, they may feel very scared , Afraid of the dog bite yourself. So everyone has different ideas. As long as we do not make intentional harm to the dog, we should not blame others for not like the dog.
    Secondly, some dog lovers do not tie the traction rope while walking the dog. Some dog lovers do not tie their dogs when they go out and walk the dog. Live and active, it is easy to scare people around. And sometimes the dog will have the phenomenon of barking against strangers. If they have a bite at this time, it is very dangerous to bombard the rope and it is very easy to cause damage to others. For those who are afraid of dogs, dogs just call them, and they have already scared them, so if the dog owner goes out to walk the dog, be sure to remember the traction rope to avoid hurting others.
    Third, some lovers who love dogs just have the banner of love dog love dog love dogs. I have read a news. Disan the blood of a soil dog. What is even more speechless is that these dog -loving people usually abduct others morally and do not let others kill the dogs, but they can dry the blood of another soil dog in order to save their own dogs.
    It, from the above three reasons, some dog lovers are really annoying, so if we really love dogs, we should be a civilized dog -loving person. Do not easily abduct others.
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  2. Walking dogs without tie rope (the elderly, children, and pregnant women are easily frightened), shit on the streets and alleys (the source of environmental hygiene, the source of germs), these are the reasons. What makes people even more angry is that their hobbies should be It is your own business, but forcing others to do this, otherwise you will put you a big hat: no love; eating dog meat for thousands of years, but opposing human eating dog meat. The commentary of the grass is clearly stated: dog meat aphrodisiac nourishing the kidneys. Eating more dog meat will make the family harmony and happiness, just like CCTV's advertising words: kidney is good, I just.

  3. In uncivilized dogs, in our lives, raising dogs is a good thing, and more and more people will go to raising dogs and can bring a lot of fun to our lives. However, it has also become a hidden danger in today's society. The urban hygiene problem is "dirty and messy" and many people will not set up a dog with a dog and walking dogs, bring their mouths, and the tragedy comes from this. There are many people who are like plague like viruses. What's more, walking dogs without ropes is originally a selfish behavior that dogs are not responsible for dogs to people.

  4. Mainly because these people are unconscious and cannot manage their dogs well. There are some bacteria and viruses on the puppy. It is easy to get rabies by the dog. Some dogs are taken to public places to urinate at will, which is annoying.

  5. Why do many people hate dog lovers? The first phenomenon is that some dog lovers and dogs have reached the level of love dogs higher than everything, and even reached the level of rigidity with their loved ones. The second phenomenon is that many dog ​​lovers abandon dogs and make them a stray dog ​​that endangers society. The third phenomenon is that many people who love dogs come out to walk the dog to make the dogs come out of the house to urinate from the house, and walking the dog just rhetoric. The fourth phenomenon is that many dog ​​lovers have a dog bite when walking dogs, dog lovers pushed off their responsibilities, and even some dog lovers played to the National People's Congress. The behavior of dog lovers has endangered social civilization!

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