4 thoughts on “Which small dogs are cute and docile?”

  1. 1. Pomeranian. The Bomei dog is outside, smart and lively, and is very suitable for breeding in cities. In addition to being used as a partner dog, high wisdom and extraordinary alertness also enable them to take on other heavy responsibilities. Disadvantages: Bomei also has disadvantages. For example, sticking people, preferred, and easy to become excited.
    2, poodle. Poodle is one of the most loved varieties now. The poodle personality loved ones, moderate body, easy to raise, is a more popular dog species in modern times. The teddy dog ​​we often say is actually the poodle. But the pure teddy is not easy to raise, and the gastrointestinal is weak. Old is easy to get the gastrointestinal weakness and give him a very expensive and digestible dog food. General Teddy, cheap teddy, easy to raise, not very coquettish.
    The VIPs are docile, friendly to strangers, and are also friendly to children and other family pets. Generally, I do n’t like it, but it ’s very sticky. The sticky person is the character of a general small dog, because the body is small lacking security, and the IQ is high.

    3, butterfly dog. The butterfly dog ​​is very gentle and kind, and it is very easy to get close to the owner. In the eyes of the owner, the butterfly dog ​​is a very gentle and intelligent pet dog. The butterfly dog ​​looks small and weak, but it has a strong ability to adapt.
    The friends who like the butterfly dog ​​must first be attracted by her beautiful appearance. The long hair on her ears dances like a butterfly and is very cute. In the eyes of the owner, the butterfly dog ​​is a very gentle and intelligent pet dog. Its obedient owner never barks

    4, Bay dog. Bagu is born with enthusiastic character, and they are cheerful and lively. The Pay Dog's character is in stark contrast to his appearance, because he has a thick and pleasant face, and the advantages of superb temperament, which has caused a lot of pets. After the master, he will become very good. Very docile, it is always very lively, and it brings a lot of happiness to life.
    5, Xi Shi dog. Xi Shi dog is an old -fashioned dog viewing dog, with a small body, attached to the owner, suitable for family breeding. The appearance of the Shihtchu is like its name, beautiful, elegant, elegant, and noble. The temperament is very loyal and trustworthy, and it is difficult for adult dogs to be difficult to tame. Xi Shi Dog is clever and keen, elegant, but a little stubborn and proud.
    6, Biens. Bear Bear dogs are quite personal, lively and free, and can bring endless fun to the owner. It needs to be trimmed by the soft rolling hair to show its beautiful black eyes and the circular characteristics of the body and head. It is very attached to human beings, very friendly, and a very good family partner dog. Big Bear dogs are friendly, lively, smart, and have excellent memory. They will make all kinds of actions laugh, but they are fierce to people.

  2. For example, Chihuahua, Bomei, Little Deer, Little Teddy, and Eily Dog. These dogs are relatively small and docile, but it should be noted that the small teddy is very sticky. Essence

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