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  1. There are a few bathing principles below, and provide you for reference:

    1) Before bathing, the brush of the whole body will be decorated to avoid the more serious hair of entanglement. In particular, we need to clean the hairy, mud, asphalt, and gum residue, and then squeeze the anal glands (this part, please ask the doctor's correct squeezing method).

    2) Bring a collar before bathing the dog, so that you can control it when taking a bath.

    3) The ears can be cotton swab or cotton strip (do not use cotton balls, otherwise it will be washed half. The dog shakes the head and the cotton ball will fall) The diced ear canal is stuffed vertically. Plots with chinomycin, ground moldin or KY ointment on both eyes to prevent hair washing agents and dirty water.

    4) Let the dog stand firmly in the special bathtub. First dipping the proper water temperature will humidify the whole body, gently sort out the hair on the dog, so that the dog feels comfortable and quiet. Preparation. rnrn5)滴上洗毛剂,先在背部涂上洗毛剂,从背部到臀部进行搓揉,全身搓揉出泡沫,最后再洗狗狗的头部,两耳、 Wash the soles of the feet, chin, and anus. It should be noted to avoid washing the foam into the dog's eyes. Although the shampoo bought in the pet shop is marked with the words "not irritating the eyes", so far, there is still no shampoo that makes dogs like, so the only way can only be Be careful. While gently scrubbing, hold the dog's collar with one hand, lest the dog jump out or get water everywhere.

    6) Start the flushing. The direction of flushing is to clean the dog's head first, and then clean the dog's body, and then rinse it back from the head. After washing, you must completely clean the hair washing agent to determine that you completely washed the dog's remaining washing agent. It is recommended that you use the conditioner every time. The acid -base balance is conducive to completely cleaning the residual washing agent on the dog. These things remain on the dog, which can cause itching of the skin. During the scratching process, the dog can easily cause inflammatory infections.

    7) Use a large towel that can completely wrap the dog to dry the dog, remove the cotton ball in the dog's ears, and clean. Wipe it with a towel first, and then dry it with a hair dryer. If the dog does not have a skin disease, you can use the hair dryer to "warm" the gear to dry it. When blowing, combing the dog's fur while blowing. If your dog is suffering from skin diseases, let the dog be air -dried naturally without cold, because the heat of the hair dryer will further stimulate the itching of the skin affected area.

    8) After blowing dry, remember to sort out the dog's hair. Finally, clean the dog's eyes and ears with a toilet paper

  2. 1 First wet the dog's hair 2 Use the dog's dedicated shampoo on the dog's body 3 to remove the haircut (use)
    5 and then rinse 6 hair Dry 7 and dry it with a hair dryer, that's it

  3. Fourth, bathing the dog should be carried out in the morning or noon. Do not take a bath in the air humidity or rainy days. After washing, it should be dried up with a hair dryer or wiped with a towel. Do not put the dog after bathing in the sun.

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