1 thought on “The sentence of the praise of the pet praises the puppy's sentence”

  1. 1. Dogs are the only creatures that love you and love you. ——Le Germany

    2. Dogs will not laugh at the same or alien, but they can be very inclusive sympathy. ——The Taiwan Du Bai

    3. I love children, but in the face of reality, your dog will not immediately treat you as an enemy -like roar when he grows up. ——Barbara

    4. Raising dogs is the only love that can be bought by money. ——Adrio Stark

    5. Talents who do not raise dogs to raise children and dogs lead us into a more loving and gentle world-the United States-Hani

    6. The heart of the owner is the best place to bury the dog. ——Pinhan Langpan

    7. The biggest wishes for raising dogs are the first to please friends to themselves. ——France

    8. Those who have never raised dogs are hard to imagine what live with dogs. Those who have raised dogs cannot imagine what to live in the days without dogs. ---- Carolina

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