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  1. First of all, before taking a bath for pet dogs, whether it is a long hair dog or a short -haired dog, you should first comb the hair, so that the hair will not be cooked after taking a bath. Secondly, the dog's water temperature should not be too high or too low. Before taking a bath, let the dog's claw test the water temperature, if it can accept it. Third, after everything is prepared, first use water to wet the dog's whole body. Be careful not to pour the dog's eyes, ears, and mouth. After the whole body is wet, the appropriate amount of pet fragrances (use according to the method of use, because some pet fragrance waves can be applied directly on the dog, and some need to be diluted with water). Fourth, after playing the fragrance, gently rub the dog's body with both hands. Note that the dog's neck, hips, limbs and other parts must be completely rubbed. The sensitive parts such as the belly must be rubbed softly, don't make the dog. Fifth, after rubbing, the pet dog's body is completely cleaned with water, so don't leave the foam of participation. It should be noted that after the dog takes a bath, you should use a dry towel to dry the water droplets, and then use a hair dryer to completely dry the dog's wet hair to prevent pet dogs from getting sick.

  2. How how to take a bath for the dogs to wash it once
    In fact, the dog does not need to be too frequent to take a bath. It can be determined according to the size of the dog's body and hair. Generally, it can be seven to ten days, because the surface of the dog's skin is different from humans. It is too diligent to destroy the bacterial ecosystem of the epidermis and cause skin diseases. If you are a puppy just born, you can wait until you are born two months before you can take a bath. If your body is too dirty, just wipe it simply.
    How to take a bath for the dog
    1. The hair should be combed before washing. It can be combed to prevent the hair from being wrapped more serious.
    2. The temperature of the water should not be too high and low. Generally, it is 36 ° C in spring, and the most suitable in winter is 37 ° C. When testing the water, it is better than your hands.
    . When bathing, you can use medical cotton balls to plug the dog's ears, put the shower against the dog's body, and slowly wet from the back. When flushing your head and face, first raise the dog's head, and the shower is close to the hair, so that the water flows down the head slowly. Avoid water in the nose, eyes and ears.
    . Do not use people's bath liquid. Because the dog's skin is weakly alkaline and unlike human beings, it is necessary to use the dog's shower gel.
    5. The next step is to dry, this is a very necessary step, otherwise the dog is prone to getting a hair ball or a cold. When blowing dry, you can use a comb in the direction of the comb in a comb, combing the back of the back, and using a hair dryer with a hair dryer on the left hand. Keep a certain distance and shake up and down to avoid burning the dog's skin.
    Is when blowing the whole body, don't forget the important thing, to reward it for a delicious one. When the dog finds that as long as you take a bath, it will be delicious. Willing to take a bath.

  3. Before taking a bath for the dog, first comb the dog's hair. In the process of sorting out, check if the dog is injured, whether there is skin diseases, etc. Over. Squeeze the anal gland, start to humidify, go down the shower gel, and blow dry hair.

  4. To take a bath for the dogs, you should sort the dog's hair first, prepare the bath supplies, and put it in the place where it can be at the reach of the tentacle. Wet the dog's whole body and rub the bath liquid to rub. It is best to keep the bath solution as much as possible for a few minutes and then rinse.

  5. Before taking a bath, the brush of the whole body will be decorated again to avoid the more serious hair. More stubborn hairs can be cut off with scissors. The leaves and miscellaneous leaves such as leaves and miscellaneous objects are cleaned up.

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