3 thoughts on “What logistics can send dogs?”

  1. SF Express's pets:

    1. Pet Baya claims to be SF Express in the pet industry. Of course, the courier living pet dog can be courier.

    2. Express prices are similar to air transport, and there are special care of people on the road, and security is guaranteed.

    3. There must be no aircraft fast in time, but there are many troubles such as animal quarantine.

    4. Pets will be carried for pets. As long as the pet owner orders on the website of SF Pet, and pays a deposit of 100 yuan, the rest will be handed over to the express delivery, saving a lot of time.

    5. Advantages: Pets are safe and guaranteed, you can implement points to point services, and the procedures are simple and save time.

    6. The disadvantage is that it is higher than the consignment cost with the railway and highway passenger.

  2. Dogs generally do not use express delivery, usually air transportation, railway transportation or auto transport. There are many procedures for dog consignment, which should be paid attention to.
    The owner can handle air transportation, train transportation, and auto transport. Express delivery should not be connected to live, because the risk is very high, the express delivery is stopped one by one, unlike airplanes, trains and cars, they are directly reached. If you are not far away, you can take the train or auto.

  3. If you send pets, choose SF Express and. Yunda Express, SF Express is better than these express delivery. Pets are generally the best. It is the best for consignment.

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