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  1. 1. Before bathing the dog, put on the collar for him so that it is easy to control when bathing. This is not applicable to many good dogs who have long been "bathing", but you can try it for dogs who take the first bath.

    2. Use a cotton swab or cotton strip (do not use cotton balls. If the dog shook his head during the bath, the cotton ball will automatically fall off. Essence Plug it on the eyes with chinomycin ointment to prevent the entry of bath liquid and dirty water.

    3. If the dog is bathing in a bathtub or bathtub, the amount of water should be 5-10 cm deep. A anti-slip pad can be placed in the bathtub to make the dog stand in the bathtub.

    4. Dip dipping the proper warm water to wet the dog's whole body, gently comb the hair on the dog, make the dog feel comfortable and quiet, and prepare for bathing.

    5. Apply a bath liquid on the back of the dog, rub it from the back to the hip, rub the foam throughout the body, and then wash the dog's head, ears, chin, around the anus, Wash the limbs, soles of the feet, and other parts. It should be noted to avoid washing the foam into the dog's eyes.

    6. Start flush. The direction of flushing is to clean the dog's head first, and then the body. Rinse up from the head, do not grab your head with your head, where you rush.

    7. Make sure to rinse the liquid remaining on the dog's hair and hair, and determine that after the dog's residual bath liquid is completely washed, it is recommended to use hair protection every time, pH, pH, pH, Balance is conducive to thoroughly cleaning the remaining bath liquid on the dog.

    8. Use a large towel that can completely wrap the dog to dry the dog, remove the cotton strip in the dog's ears, and clean the ears. Wipe it with a towel first, and then dry it with a hair dryer.

    If your dog is suffering from skin diseases, let the dog be air -dried naturally without cold, because the hot air of the hair dryer will further stimulate itching in the skin affected area.

    9. After drying, please remember to sort the dogs.

    10. Finally, clean the dog's eyes and ears with toilet paper.

    Extension knowledge
    1 How long does the dog take a bath?

    If your dog has no skin disease, it is recommended that you take a shower once a month.

    In unless he has a skin problem or the whole body has stink, frequent bathing will reduce the oil content of the dog, thereby reducing the dog's immunity.

    2 What kind of shower gel is selected?

    The skin pH value of the dog is different from humans, so don't use human shower gel or soap on your dog. , Even caused serious allergies. You should choose a mild dog to take a bath for it, especially when your dog is prone to dry or itching.

    The dog shower gel with natural moisturizing ingredients, such as custard fruit oil, aloe and oats.

    It is best not to use a strong shower gel, but if you like that taste, then use natural ingredients such as lavender or chamomile.

    3 How to remove fleas?

    vinegar can kill fleas!

    mi to mix 1 part of vinegar and 3 parts of water to allow the dog to make a vinegar bath. Be careful not to splash into the sensitive parts around the eyes when washing.

    This to remind you that your dog will have a vinegar flavor for a long time.

  2. 1. Prepare to take a bath supplies: Bathing for dogs, first of all, you must prepare some items used by dogs to take baths, such as large pots. If the dog is bigger, it is best to prepare the big bathtub or bathtub. If you are smaller, you can use a smaller pot. There is also a special shower gel who prepares for dogs. Do not use people's shower gel. It is easy to damage the dog's skin. Finally, the water temperature must be moderate, not too hot, and not too cold, otherwise dogs are also easy to be easy If you get sick and cold, the temperature can be around 40 degrees.

    2. Dog dog bath method: When bathing the dog, let the dog stand in the pot, and then the owner can use the nozzle to spray the water lightly on the dog's body. Remember Do n’t worry too much when spraying water to prevent the dog from scaring the dog. Slowly let the dog have a process of adaptation so that the dog will not be afraid, then use the shower gel, repeatedly rub the hair to clean the dog's body thoroughly on the dog's body. Some dirt.

    3, blow dry hair: After the dog is taken to take a shower, do not let it go out wet and go out. Be sure to use a hair dryer to blow all the hair on it. Causes dogs to get some skin diseases and the like.

    The expansion information:

    The dog belongs to the spine animal doors, vertebrates, mammals, real beast subclase, carnivores, cracked feet, and dogs. Distributed around the world. It is called "six beasts" with horses, cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens.

    Coster believes that dogs are domesticated from early humans from the Gray Wolf. The domestication time is 40,000 years ago to 15,000 years ago. Known as "the most loyal friend of human beings", it is now the most breeding pet. Its life span is more than ten years. In Chinese culture, dogs are one of the zodiac signs and 11th among the zodiac signs.

  3. It is not difficult to take a bath at home, just remember these 5 steps: combing, rinse, rubbing, drying, drying.

    before taking a bath, combing the hair is easier
    The hair before bathing, you can comb the dog's hair knot, otherwise it will be difficult to open after wetting. Be careful when you open the knot, use a comb to help take it slowly, start with the end of the dog, comb the hair knot, then comb the root! If it is hard, it will hurt, and the dog may refuse to make you combed in the future. When combing hair, you can also check the dog's skin condition to see if there are any red places, where you get up, this is also a daily examination.

    This slowly rinse, let the dog adapt to flushing
    . If the dog is bathing at home for the first time, it is recommended to use a basin. In this way, the dog station will not be afraid. Then use a water cup to slowly scoop the water to pour the dog and let it slowly adapt. For the first time, the dog must take it slowly to make it adapt to the most important. Many puppies were scared for the first time, and then they couldn't run when they heard the bath.

    Is to rinse the dog with water, the water pressure of the nozzle should not be too large. Then start with your paws, slowly to your body, and then to the head. It should be noted that the head of the head is too fierce, and it is easy to enter the water. The owner can cover the dog's eyes with his hands, or rinse with a water cup to avoid stimulating the dog's eyes in water.

    New to rub the shower gel for dogs
    Choose the right shower gel. This step can be more wild. Start with the dog directly from the dog's back, and rub the foam first. Then slowly apply to the neck, then the shoulders, belly, and the end of the ass. If your dog is more sensitive, be careful when rubbing your belly. Finally, rubbing your head slowly, be sure to be slow. If you want to make the shower gel foam faster, you can buy a pair of ordinary seal gloves, and the bubbles are very fast.

    This rinse after rubbing. When rinse, pay more attention to the dog's underarm part. This part is easy to rinse and not clean. The residual shower gel residue causes itching of the dog's skin. Remember, the dog's armpit must be rinsed a few more times.

    Man the dog to dry the dog with a large towel
    In a large towel to wrap the dog. Water on the body. Put your ears a few more times, and it is easy to accumulate inflammation. Wrap towards a towel to avoid cold, and absorb most of the water, which can reduce the time of hair dryer. After all, some dogs really don't like blowing hair.

    The hair must be blowing the dog's hair
    . I see that many owners blow their hair for the first time, and the hair dryer is very close. How uncomfortable you are? The hair dryer is best to be about 30 cm from the dog's skin, and then it is best to adjust to the gaming of slightly hot wind to avoid overheating dogs not adapt to it! If it is a big dog, use the water blower directly. Be sure to blow dry, otherwise it is easy to get skin diseases. If you go to the pet shop to take a bath, you must check whether the dog is dried before picking up. The clerk may not check it. The owner is the most guaranteed.

    In after bathing, you can reward the dogs for snacks. In the future, it will like to take a bath

  4. Dog's bathing method

    is to comb the hair, clean the eyes and ears, and comb the dog before wet water. The tangling is more serious. And because water needs to avoid water entering the eyes and ears when bathing, first clean these two sensitive parts. Wipe the dog's eyes with a wet towel, and wash your eyes and ears with special eye drops and ear washing fluid. Dogs with more fluffy ear canal also need to help it pull the ear hair to prevent accumulation (earwax) and create a bacterial environment. After the incident, you can plug in medical cotton in the dog's ears to avoid water in the ears when taking a bath. You can apply eye cream to the dog more to protect your eyes;

    is to confirm the water temperature. Before bathing, the owner should debug the water temperature and then put the dog in the water. Otherwise, the inappropriate water temperature will be frightened, which will produce the psychological shadow of fear of bathing. For dog temperature for dogs, parents can feel slightly warm with their hands;

    three are wet body and apply shower gel. If the dog sprays water and scares the dog, it will be troublesome if you don't like to take a bath in the future. It should be gently wet with a towel. Then squeeze the pet shower gel to the hand, rub the foam first, then gently grab the dog's body, and evenly apply the bubbles on the dog's hair. For the dogs, this process is like massage. They will enjoy it very much, but they must pay attention to avoiding the face, so as not to enter the eyes or enter the nose;

    are rinse, and when the bubbles are fully immersed in the dog's hair, we will make the final final The rinse is not too high. And be sure to wash away all the foam and dirt on the body. If there are residues, it will affect the hair and skin; the fifth is to blow dry hair. Before blowing dry dogs, you should use a towel to absorb excess water. Mao hair treatment. When blowing hair for dogs, it will be different according to different dog breeding operations. For example, long -haired dogs such as Malzis, Shihtha, Yorkshire, etc. need to be dried along the hair, and VIPs, Bargers and other rolling dogs will be Blow the hair. During the hair blowing process, the hair dryer should not be too close to the quilt. It needs to keep the distance of more than 20cm and use warm air instead of hot air. At the same time, use a comb to sort out the hair that is blowing. Keep a farther distance when blowing the hair on the face, avoid blowing straight from the face, and covering the dog's eyes with your hands to prevent the hot air from directly touching the eyes and cause fear. If the dog is not particularly obedient, it is best to find a small partner to cooperate together.

  5. It is indeed a problem to raise a pet dog now. However, it is easy to wash the dogs and be caught. It is best to go to the pet shop to wash the dog by professionals. Reliable, safe. 80 yuan at a time.

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